I have prayed with people for physical healing for many years but not in the way we have been taught at Encounter. I have always believed that God still wants to heal today and prayed with faith, but never felt I “should” ask or continue to press in for more right there on the spot. I figured I just didn’t have the kind of gift needed for immediate healing. I believe learning more about what Jesus did when he walked the earth and pressing in using the five step prayer model has increased my faith and given me a tool to use. The results have increased my confidence! Wow! What the Lord has done is amazing!

A woman that had been bleeding for three months stopped after we prayed and a sciatic problem disappeared on the spot. I am continually in awe at what the Lord is doing, how much he wants us healed, how much he loves us and wants to be in communion with us!

– Peggy Bailey
Louisiana Campus