Heaven and earth have a new meaning for me because of the Encounter Ministries class. Being in exile isn’t a new concept for me because it was my mindset up until now. Learning that Heaven is open above me, blew me out of the water like a tsunami. I thought this is how to cope with being in exile. When Heaven is open above you and comes down to you, that means you can also go up to your Father in Heaven and find peace.
The hard part of living on earth is that I want everyone to be alive in the Spirit. I am being given a taste of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes my yearning for them explodes my heart into a million pieces because I want all of the gifts. It seems the only reason to live is to be able to receive them and share them. My weakness is patience! Jesus paid the price of our salvation. To us was given a plan that is genius. Jesus would send his Spirit to help us do what he did to combat evil, he casts evil out, heals people, and tells people what God wants them to hear. If that doesn’t spark a fire in your heart nothing will.
One transformation has come in praying for the sick. Now when a prayer request comes in front of me on Facebook or email, I stop and earnestly pray. I trust in Jesus for their healing and know my prayers will have results. Plus it’s a great way for me to practice the gift of healing. I went to a cemetery last Sunday and prayed a Rosary. The wind was blowing every which way and I knew many souls in purgatory were being swept out by the power of the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Mother. My heart had profound peace and gladness. I have done before, but this time I knew my prayers had been answered.

– Kelli Eggebrecht
Online Campus