The Encounter School empowers disciples to release the supernatural power and love of Jesus to a world waiting for an encounter with God.


God wants to reach the world through you. Are you ready to partner with Him to take your ministry to the next level?


Encounter School of Ministry is a dynamic training program designed to teach, equip, and activate you in the full lifestyle of Jesus so that you can walk with God in intimacy and demonstrate his love and power to the world around you!

Our Program

The Encounter School offers a 2-year (8 quarter) program with classes once a week from 6-9pm. We celebrate an atmosphere of faith and childlike worship as we teach and active the gifts of the Holy Spirit that flow from our supernatural identity in Christ and flow out as supernatural ministry for Christ.


The summer intensive is an evening 4 day school that provides a survey of the content offered in the first four quarters of the Encounter School of Ministry over a fast four day period. The summer intensive is perfect for anyone desiring to attend the Encounter School during the year but unable to do so because of distance or schedule. It is also ideal for those discerning their enrollment in the school of ministry but needing greater discernment.



ESM values freedom and joy in our response to God’s goodness. We express this in our school culture through childlike worship. Classes begin with an extended time of praise as we cultivate our awareness of God’s manifest presence and celebrate together His goodness. 


Drawing from the riches of Catholic Tradition and Scripture, ESM focuses on transformation through the renewal of the mind. Our students learn to think with Jesus through teaching sessions, homework, discussion groups, and q&a as they grow in their identity as royal sons and daughters of God.


The gifts of the Spirit are part of our inheritance in Christ that, among other things, are meant to equip us for mission. Activations are powerful spiritual opportunities that help us experience the fullness of our identity and bring heaven to earth. 


Why Should I Apply To The Encounter School?

The Encounter School of Ministry believes that each Christian is called to embrace their identity as a son or daughter of God. Jesus models for us what that lifestyle of intimacy with God looks like. That is your birthright. You know God the Father the way Jesus did. The Church calls you to a mission. To make the Father known. Just like Jesus. ESM trains, equips, and activates you to embrace your identity and live out of your supernatural inheritance so that your mission, your ministry, and your God-given dreams will flourish in every season of life!

How Does The Encounter School Onsite School Work?

Students attend evening school once a week at one of our locations around the country. Classes usually meet from 6-9pm. We start with worship, small group discussion, two teaching sessions and activations. We assign reading and homework. We have a high value for a class culture that celebrates and honors each student’s progress and provide a safe setting for students to take risks and grow with each other. Students who complete two years of school and meet basic requirements graduate with a certificate from the Encounter School of Ministry.

What Content Does The School Cover?

Each quarter consists of 8 classes.  Completion of each quarter for credit requires attendance at 6 out of the 8 classes and completion of assigned homework (this is very minimal).  Homework is designed to put the ministry that you learn into practice in your daily life.

Q1 – Identity and Transformation

Q2 – Power and Healing

Q3 – Hearing God and the Prophetic Gifts

Q4 – Inner Healing and Freedom

Q5 – Power Evangelization

Q6 – Intimacy with God

Q7 – Advanced Ministry Training

Q8 – Leadership and Deployment

What Is The Cost of Tuition?

The tuition for the upcoming school year is $230 per quarter (with a discount if you pay by the year) and includes admission to the Encounter Conference.  Required books and Mission Trips cost extra. 


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