The Reason I Entered Encounter School

The reason I entered Encounter School two years ago is that I had not been well. Since the age of 13, I lived in a dark world of suicide, anger, depression, and severe anxiety. Forty years of professional help and medication was not enough to remove this burden. I was desperate and determined to get rid of this debilitating illness. I knew only God could help me.
In the Fall of 2019, I entered the Encounter School. It was here I saw people healed emotionally, physically, and spiritually. As I developed a true relationship with God in this safe environment the veil of shame lifted, and I was able to open up my heart to Jesus as my Heavenly Father. I found my identity as a daughter of God. I never had one before. It was always another person. That His love permeates the heart and soul of every person who finds Him. With the help of Healing Prayer, a lot of personal hard work, and getting to know God, these burdens were slowly lifted. As I shared my pain with my classmates and some staff members (Sarah especially over two years), Jesus peeled away layer after layer of stored suicide, depression, anger, and severe anxiety. Through images, I would picture Jesus as my protector standing beside me in my safe bubble (Craig Miller-Breaking Emotional Barriers).
Jesus is truly healing me. Through Him, I found freedom and peace I never knew before. Every day I give praise and glory to God most high who is alive and continues to heal His people.