The Freedom of Prophetic Words

In this quarter on the prophetic gifts, I have learned new ways to receive God’s love into my heart. During many of our activations, the Lord revealed things to my prayer partners that only God would know about me. This helped me understand God’s loving, personal, desires for my life. These prophetic words have helped bring a deeper level of freedom into my life and have enabled me to see things in a new way. It has been life-giving and transformational.
This quarter has also taught me how to hear God and learn how to deliver his words to others. The process of getting feedback from others on what I have discerned for them has been invaluable. It has fostered the idea of prophecy as a lifestyle for me instead of prophecy as a gift out there for someone else. I’ve learned more about prophecy in this course than I have anywhere else in my life. I am excited to have walked through this door in my life and I never want to turn back!

– Kristen Beevers
Louisiana Campus