Thank you for submitting your testimony! This video will be used to help raise funds for scholarships, encourage others, and raise awareness of ESM via our Advance the Kingdom Campaign, as well as various media projects throughout the year.


Step 1:  Record your video

  • Choose your topic*
  • Record your video
  • Upload your video

*Choose one topic for video testimony. Your testimony should be summarized in one sentence. If you wish to submit a testimony for multiple topics, please record each topic separately.

  • How has ESM impacted your family?
  • How has ESM impacted your ministry?
  • How has ESM impacted your life?
  • How has ESM impacted your prayer?
  • What’s the coolest miracle you’ve seen?
  • Encouragement for someone to join the school.
Intro Script:

“Hi, my name is [FIRST NAME] from [CITY] and the Encounter School has . . . [TESTIMONY]

(this can vary, and is only a suggestion)

Video Requirements:
  • Testimonies should be summarized in one sentence
  • Record your video with any camera (phone, zoom. computer, camera, etc.)
  • Film in landscape mode ( <——> length-wise)
  • Label your video filename as  “firstname_lastname_graduateyear” (example annie_reis_2023.mp4)

Step 2:  Upload your video

Notice:  By submitting your video testimony, you give full permission and rights to Encounter Ministries to use, share, edit and mix your testimony for the Advance the Kingdom Giving Campaign, as well as other ministry media projects throughout the year. Thank you for your support and testimony to Advance the Kingdom!

Option 1 (Preferred Method)

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Option 2:

Email your Video

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