I wasn’t expecting the surprise this quarter held for me. The content of this quarter opened me up to an invitation and a sense of mission beyond the interior offering of myself through the Hands of Our Blessed Mother and in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the salvation of souls. I began to consider more seriously that Our Lord may want something more of me in the sharing of my relationship with Him, which I never thought He’d ask of me. This thought first occurred to me last summer even before I knew of Encounter Ministries’ mission. I sobbed at the thought of it when it occurred to me right before and as I was sharing it with a close friend of mine.
When I started taking risks and praying with people in a prophetic way, it seemed to be positively impactful for them to experience the love of God for them. I myself have come to know that God is pleased to include others in His masterful work of saving souls. This invitation to participate personally in the external manifestations of the Spirit is surprising and also certainly raises me to a heightened awareness of the sacred dignity of my person as I pray, decide, speak and act.
What especially confirmed this call for me was when I reached out to a waitress busing our table at a dinner/dance fundraiser. I could sense her pain and asked if I could pray for her. She started sobbing and told me of her miscarriage as a result of her abusive ex-husband’s assault on her abdomen 10 years ago. She has no children…heartbreaking! While I prayed with her she stopped crying and felt heat go through her whole body. She said she felt peace come over her and felt like this burden she’s been carrying for 10 years had been lifted. Wow!!! I told her to keep asking the Lord to come and fill up that space. I am amazed at how simple, yet powerful, reaching out in prayer can be. Praise the Lord!!

– Michelle Schwartz
Cincinnati Campus