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What is Encounter School of Ministry?


The Encounter School of Ministry is a powerful, inspirational course that transforms lives.  Many experience greater intimacy with Our Lord, security in their identity as a child of God, and feel more equipped to love and serve those around them through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Encounter School consists of 2 years of teaching and training. Year 1 and Year 2classes run concurrently at the Seattle Campus.  Classes are recorded each week and uploaded to the Student Dashboard so each student can listen to the presentations if they were unable to attend class in person. Upon finishing Year 2, students will receive a certificate of completion.


Encounter School of Ministry 

Seattle Campus 

Most people don’t experience supernatural moments in their everyday lives. There is a big disconnect between their own experiences and those in stories of scripture or the lives of saints. The school helps bridge the gap between the supernatural lifestyle of Jesus and the everyday experience of believers.  

Encounter School of Ministry draws from the richness of our Catholic heritage as we seek to teach, equip, and activate disciples to demonstrate the love of God through the power of the Holy Spirit in their spheres of influence. In conformity with the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church, we offer students a dynamic  2-year training program designed to take you to the next level in your ministry.

“Although we understand that signs, wonders and miracles are not the whole Gospel, we are convinced that the Gospel is not whole without them.”
Fr. Matthias Thelen


The Encounter School of Ministry can radically renew your mind and transform your life.

Are you ready?





St. Stephen the Marytr Catholic Church
13055 SE 192nd Street
Renton, WA 98058


2023-2024 Class Schedule


Both Year 1 & Year 2
Orientation September 7, 2023
Classes begin: Thursday, September 14, 2023


Quarter 1 – Identity & Transformation

Quarter 2 – Hearing God’s Voice & the Prophetic Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Quarter 3 – Power & Healing

Quarter 4 – Inner Healing & Freedom


Quarter 5 – Intimacy With God

Quarter 6 – Advanced Ministry Training

Quarter 7 – Power Evangellization

Quarter 8 – Leadership & Deployment



2-Year Curriculum

Classroom Environment

Each class includes a time of worship, testimony, teaching sessions, activations and small group time.

When do we meet?

Faithful Teaching

Before approval, our curriculum undergoes a rigorous academic curriculum review with a team of respected Catholic theologians, including  Dr. Mary Healy, Dr. Alan Schreck, Dr. Daniel Keating, Rev. Peter F. Ryan, S.J., and Dr. Robert Fastiggi.

Not only did they work to guarantee that the curriculum is free from moral and doctrinal error and rooted deeply in Scripture, official Church teaching and the testimony of the early Church fathers, but they helped to provide greater precision and accuracy in the curriculum to diminish possible confusion and ensure full continuity with Church teaching.

This campus has been reviewed and approved by the bishop of this diocese.



All satellite campus leaders and instructors are graduates of the Encounter School of Ministry and strive to live out the ESM Core Values.


Cost of Tuition

Satellite Campus


 The tuition for the upcoming school year is $250 per quarter (with a discount if you pay by the year). Required books and Mission Trips cost extra.

Enrollment Period
Students enroll and pay tuition for one year at a time. Classes usually start mid-September and run through May. Official dates and class times vary per campus. Upon completion of the 2nd Year School of Ministry, students receive a graduation certificate.

Tuition includes Half Price Admission to the annual Encounter Conference (in-person or online ticket).


Application Process
Tuition & Financial Aid
Enrollment Requirements
Graduation & Curriculum

Course Materials


Additional Reading

In total, textbooks for Year 1 will cost approximately $75 – $100 (not including shipping): Quarter 1: Supernatural Saints by Patrick Reis | Quarter 2: The Spiritual Gifts Handbook by Dr. Mary Healy & Dr. Randy Clark |  Quarter 3: Healing: Bringing the Gift of God’s Mercy to the World by Dr. Mary Healy  |  Quarter 4: Be Healed by Dr. Bob Schuchts |  Deliverance Ministry by the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services Doctrinal Commission, Dr. Mary Healy

Application Process
The application is free. Applications are accepted until halfway through Q1. You will receive submission confirmation as we begin our discernment process. You should be notified within two weeks.

Basic Requirements
– A min. of 18 years of age or High School graduate
– You do not need to be Catholic to apply



Thank You to
Our Bishop

We are grateful to the bishops who have reviewed the work of Encounter Ministries and the Encounter School of Ministry, welcomed us to their diocese and have offered support and encouragement for this mission.

All Bishop Approvals >


Summer Event
4 Quarters in 4 Days

2022 Encounter Conference
Registration Open

Encounter School



REVIVE | Fremont High School, NE

Encounter School of Ministry students join Patrick Reis and Fr. Walter Nolte at a Nebraska High School.

Encounter Conference | 2022

Flagship Event | We seek to gather leaders of revival in the Church to encounter God’s refreshment, encouragement and impartation of greater anointing for ministry. Tickets >


FEARLESS Documentary

Veteran filmmaker Maura Smith takes us on a compelling journey of discovery into the world of supernatural divine power. Following the journey of Encounter Ministries, we see miracles of God through the hands of ordinary people.

Why a 2-Year School of Ministry?

Designed and established from the heart of Encounter Ministries, this school draws from the richness of our Catholic heritage as we seek to teach, equip, and activate disciples to demonstrate the love of God through the power of the Holy Spirit in their spheres of influence.

Theology FAQ

Is it licit for lay people to lay hands on the sick?

What if I "lost" my healing?

Are "charisms" part of an optional spirituality?

Do you need the "gift" of healing or prophecy to minister in these gifts?

Did Jesus really reject signs and wonders?


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