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Is God calling you to start a satellite campus? 

Encounter Ministries is offering hungry and pioneering disciples the opportunity to partner by launching regional Encounter School of Ministry Satellite Campuses.

We are looking to partner with leaders who embody our core values and are passionate to see the Body of Christ equipped to teach, equip, activate and deploy disciples to be able to demonstrate the supernatural power and love of the kingdom of God in their spheres of influence.

Satellite Campus Interest Form

Satellite Campus Interest Form

Process for Launching a Satellite School

Step 1

Fill out your Encounter School Satellite Campus Application. Applications open January 15.

Step 2

Enter into initial discernment process and interview with Encounter Ministries. Qualified applicants will be invited into the interview process by March 15.

Step 3

Apr 30 decision date. If accepted, your leadership team will begin training via the online campus.

Step 4

Attend on-site training with your team and cultivate the tools needed to build a culture of faith. Currently scheduled for Oct 30-November 2.

Step 5

Solidify final details on school leadership, campus location, school promotion, and summer intensive.

Step 6

After a full year of onboarding, training, and preparation, you are now ready to launch your Satellite Campus in the Fall.

Launching a Satellite Campus Process

The Encounter School of Ministry is open to Christians of all backgrounds—disciples who believe God calls them to demonstrate His supernatural love in their daily lives. Our curriculum and content is rooted in Catholic Tradition and faithful to Catholic teaching.

Satellite Campus News & Events

News: 2021 Launch of 17 New Satellite Campuses!!

In October we held a 5-day retreat to train the directors of our new satellite campus, currently set to launch in 2021.

Transformation Nights & Healing Services

Open to all! These powerful events of testimony, healing, prophecy and prayer ministry are also livestreamed online and loaded to the Encounter Ministries Partner Page. Check out other events HERE.

Recent Testimonies

Read the latest student testimonies describing their experience in the Encounter School of Ministry, as well as the radical encounters and influence they have had on their sphere’s of influence. Read >

Launching a Satellite Campus FAQs

What exactly does an Encounter Satellite Campus do?

An Encounter Satellite Campus executes the Encounter School of Ministry curriculum in a particular region.  You can learn more about the curriculum here.

How do classes work with Satellite Campuses?

Each class session begins with a teaching segment (approx 45 min) and concludes with an activation to encounter and put into practice the grace that was presented in the session.  

Satellite Campuses have the option of either using the curriculum guide to teach the content live or to play a teaching video of a Main Campus session on a projector.

All activations must be led live by the School Director and his or her team. 

Who can start an Encounter Satellite Campus?

Encounter Ministries partners with one School Director who is responsible for forming and working with a local leadership team to administer the Satellite Campus.

What are the responsibilities of an Encounter Satellite School Director?

The Satellite School Director is the legal representative of the Satellite Campus who is responsible for mobilizing a leadership team that is capable of ensuring that all the elements required to successfully run the curriculum are met. A detailed list of responsibilities will be communicated to qualified individuals during the application and initial discernment process.

Does a Satellite School Director get paid?

Yes.  All students attending the Encounter School Satellite Campus pay tuition.  The School Director will receive a portion of these funds as compensation. More detailed information will be shared with qualified applicants following the discernment process.

What is the timeline for applying and becoming a Satellite School Director?

Application Window: January 15 – Apr 15

Decision Date: June 1

Satellite Campus School Leadership and Training: Must complete Year 1 of the online campus (unless already completed)

School Launch: The Fall after all leadership team members have completed Year 1 online campus.

What training and preparation is required to launch a Satellite Campus?

All accepted Satellite School Directors will engage in a one-year onboarding and extensive remote training process from the time of acceptance to the launch of the Satellite Campus. 

Will Encounter Ministries partner with organizations to launch a Satellite Campus?

Yes. Existing ministries or organizations interested in launching and running a Satellite Campus can seek to partner with Encounter Ministries.  However, it must be understood that Encounter Ministries interfaces and works directly with the School Director to execute the responsibilities of the Satellite Campus.

Can anyone launch a Satellite Campus?

No. Only well-qualified leaders will be considered to launch and run a Satellite Campus.

Can I apply to launch a Satellite Campus in a foreign country?

Yes. We are currently working with leaders from other nations interested in partnering to bring the Encounter School of Ministry to their nation.

In non-English-speaking nations, the curriculum will need to be translated and adapted to match the local language and culture. In these cases, all teachings will need to be delivered live by the Satellite School Director and their leadership team.

Is there support to launch a satellite campus in foreign languages?

Yes. Encounter Ministries has the ability to translate all the curriculum resources into foreign languages. All training happens in English. Accepted satellite campus leaders are required to speak English. Online campuses can be run in the native language.