Weekend Schools

Table of Contents

Weekend Schools #

Hosting a weekend intensive is a proven promotional strategy aimed to cultivate regional hunger for an existing or future Satellite Campus and the transforming content for which the Encounter School of Ministry is known. Options for events are School of Identity, School of Healing, and School of Prophetic Ministry.

Requesting to Run and Speak at your own Weekend School #

At this time, in order for your Campus Team to run (be the presenters at) a School of Healing, School of Identity, or School of Prophetic Ministry, you must submit a request to Encounter Ministries and receive approval. Requests can be submitted on the Satellite Campus Director’s Dashboard.

Upon approval, you will be given access to the curricum folder for the appropriate weekend intensive. 

Your campus will be responsible for ALL components of the event including all registration & marketing efforts. 

Requesting EM Speakers for a Weekend School #

In order to request members of the Encounter Ministries Speaker Team to lead a weekend school, you must fill out the request form on your Satellite Leader’s Dashboard. While we will entertain specific speaker requests, all final decisions in this regard belong to Encounter Ministries and are dependent on a variety of factors, including speaker availability and organizational health.