Logo / Branding / Event Marketing Protocols

Logo / Branding / Event Protocols #

Goal: Neither add nor take away to Encounter Ministries branding 

Using the ESM logo for Social Media, Website, Course Materials:

  • Campuses cannot change or edit the logos we have created for them “Encounter ___ Campus” / “Encounter School of Ministry – ___ Campus”
  • Campuses can create a unique name / logo for their non-profit or use another ministry name of which the campus falls under (example: “Ablaze” in Omaha) in conjunction with their campus logo.
  • For the campus webpage, the prominent heading logo must be the assigned ESM logo, with the non-profit logo optionally displayed in the information section
  • Campuses are only required to use the assigned campus logo on items specifically branded by the Encounter School of Ministry/Encounter Ministries, such as curriculum content, conferences, schools, etc.
  • For healing or worship services, or other events and activities not directly correlated with Encounter Ministries is somewhat tricky and requires a director’s discretion to protect the integrity of EM and ESM. For example, a healing service with the school instructors, students, etc., using an ESM logo is permitted but not required. HOWEVER, a healing service with a talk given by a controversial Catholic/Christian speaker, a speaker with “unapproved” private revelations, ideologies, political voices, etc. should be avoided. Guest speakers should be approved before using the official Encounter Ministries logo, or otherwise left off the marketing. Campuses should use the logo for (and only for) approved Encounter School of Ministry content, curriculum, etc.
  • It is strongly suggested campus social media platform names be uniform “Encounter School of Ministry – ____ Campus + (nonprofit name if they wish)”. This is for the benefit of the campus and for anyone searching for an Encounter School of Ministry in a specific location.  However, depending on the campus, this may not be as beneficial for some who already have a very strong ministry following (such as Ablaze Ministries in Omaha, NE). This is not a one-size fits all solution, and open for discussion.
  • Social media posts that include quotes from any of the Encounter staff or instructors, or from our curriculum should be branded with the official campus logo.