ESM Website

ESM Website   #

You will have access to two sites. Both require you to login, but the username and password should be the same for both.

a. Campus Landing Page (Public)

b. Director’s Dashboard: Tutorials, Request Forms, Scheduling Help Calls, etc.

This  hosts your classroom dashboards where you will update with class content, announcements, etc. for your students to access.

Your Campus Landing Page #

You are required to keep your campus landing page updated with flyers, school information, fresh photos, testimonies and more.

Editing & Updating  #

Our website is created on platform called WordPress and uses a “drag and drop” style editing feature called Divi. Tutorials for editing your campus landing page can be found on your director’s dashboard. If you require assistance, you can contact our media team or schedule a time to meet with one of us to address your needs.