“Come & See Visits” for Non-ESM Students

You do have the option of inviting non-registered guests to attend the first three classes of Quarter 1 (up until the application deadline – Monday, Oct. 2, 2023) as a kind of ‘come and see’ visit in hopes they will register. If they go on to register, they will still be paying the full cost of tuition, their payment is simply deferred until they choose whether or not they want to register. This can also be advertised on social media.

Also keep in mind that as the director, if you meet someone who you think the Lord is calling to join ESM, you do have the freedom to extend an individual invitation for a ‘come and see’ visit to a single class during any quarter throughout the year to help them discern if they want to register the following year. Any ‘come and see’ visit after the first three classes of Quarter 1 should not be advertised publicly, but this personal invitation is a powerful way to introduce prospective students to your Satellite Campus!