Approving Ministry Project Proposals

Each director is responsible for making proper judgment regarding if the project follows the Encounter School of Ministry: Ministry Project Guidelines. Once Proposal is received from a ministry project team, the director is to review the proposal and determine if the project is approved or not. Then, the director will email the team leader notifying them of the approval, asking any necessary clarity questions, offering insight for improvement, or declining the project.

Each proposal will be judged on the following factors:
-Does the project reflect what the students have learned in class?
-Must be a team project made up of 2 or more students. Special permission for a solo project may be granted by the director.
-Is the project something the team has never done before? This must be something new for the team where they are stepping out in boldness and faith. (EX: If the team already has been on a prayer team together after mass for a while, they need to do something different. The goal is to take what they have learned and do something new)
-Does the project relate to the core values of ESM?
-Are there any other organizations that are connected or impacted by this project? The project needs to bless their sphere of influence.
-Is the team able to collect feedback from the people they are ministering to? Collecting feedback is required.

Ministry projects will be new for many students. Some ideas for projects are:
– Providing healing teams after a Mass at a parish
– Door-to-door ministry and invitation to a local ministry event (Alpha) and offering prayer
– Organizing and leading a healing service at your parish
– Offering prophetic ministry teams at your parish or an evangelization outing
– Creating promotional material for a revival event
– Organizing a group to attend the Encounter Conference and pastoring them through their experiences
– Developing a conference, retreat, or speaker series
– Providing some kind of online (zoom) prayer ministry


This is the email Main Campus sends to the group leader of the approved ministry projects. You can use this email or create your own. Click the button below to view the sample approval letter.