Satellite Campus Application

How do we measure success?
Long-term, local transformation. 

Encounter School of Ministry Satellite Campus Application

School Director Applicant Background Information

Your Mailing Address
Your Mailing Address
Please include an email or phone number for the best way to contact your pastor. We will only contact your pastor if further recommendations are needed.
1=not currently aware of the application or not supportive at all... 5= somewhat supportive but has reservations... 10=maximum support and plans to serve on the leadership team.
1 = minimal confidence / experience ... 5 = somewhat confident with modest public speaking/presenting experience ... 10 = maximum confidence and experience in public speaking and presenting.
1 = minimal confidence / gifting ... 5 = have seen healing manifest on occasion through my ministry ... 10 = maximum confidence/gifting and see healing manifest frequently through my ministry.
1 = minimal confidence / prophetic gifting ... 5 = consider myself very prophetic and many find my prophetic ministry encouraging ... 10 = maximum zeal / prophetic gifting and see high levels of prophetic accuracy with words of knowledge frequently.
1 = minimal confidence / experience ... 5 = training and some experience in at least one modality/approach ... 10 = Significant experience with training and background in multiple modalities and approaches.

Satellite Campus Information

Satellite campuses are named by their city or geographic region.

Education and Ministry Background Information

1 = minimal leadership gifting/experience ... 10 = maximum gifting/experience
1 = I honestly find technology very difficult and it is a definite weakness ... 10 = I thrive in understanding and utilizing new technology elements in my daily life.
1 = minimal influence (have not been involved in many ministries to date, have very little ministry connections and am not generally well known in my region) ...10 = maximum influence (I have been involved in many ministries and already have many strong Church connections and am well known in the regional Church)
1 = I currently do not have personal connections and influence with my Bishop/diocesan leaders...5 = I personally know members of my diocesan leadership and have a positive relationship... 10 = I currently have a personal relationship with my Bishop and a high level of trust already established.
1 = minimal impact (the charismatic dimenion is currently very small and generally not present) ... 10 = maximum impact (the charismatic dimension has a solid history and is very significant)
1 = minimal exposure (very few people have heard of EM) ... 10 = maximum exposure (there is very significant exposure to EM)

Final Information