Receiving the More

I had already been actively involved in praying for and with others before taking this course. I have been receiving prophetic words and images for many years. Nevertheless, through this course, I have grown in the gifts I use in my ministry. I used to receive images only when my eyes were closed, but now I can receive them while my eyes are open. This is very helpful when praying with others since I want to keep my eyes open to watch their response to the prayer. Also, when being prayed over in class for more of the Holy Spirit, I had an image of standing next to Jesus in the throne room as his queen and my gown was made of water (representing, of course, the Holy Spirit)! This water that the gown was made of was flowing to the earth. It was a powerful image that has encouraged me to continue praying for the New Pentecost the Lord has promised to give mankind.

– Noel Delery
Louisiana Campus