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Tuesday evenings starting September 13, 2022
6:30pm – 9:30pm

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Tuesday, September 6, 2022
6:30pm – 9:30pm


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About Ottawa Campus

Ottawa Campus is located at St. Mary’s Parish | 100 Young St, Ottawa, ONThis is where it all began for Fr. Bob Bedard and the Companions of the Cross who desired to see the church become explosively alive.

Ottawa Campus Tuition
Option 1: Pay a reduced rate of $700 USD one time at the beginning of the year.
Option 2:
Pay $200 USD quarterly ($800 annually)

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Meet the Team

Sr. Anna Chan, SC – School Director Ottawa Campus

Sr. Anna Chan has been in the Renewal since her teens but gave her total surrender to God 21 years ago when she became a missionary with NET Canada. After NET she moved to Ottawa and helped found a young adults ministry and volunteered at a Catholic drop-in centre. She is the Foundress and General Superior of the Servants of the Cross whose mission is evangelization. She carries degrees in Anthropology and Philosophy, and certification in Trauma and Addiction Studies. She worked as the Coordinator of Pastoral Ministries at St. Mary’s Parish where she led a flock of parish leaders for 5 years. She is an evangelizer and a leader, has a heart for parish renewal, and strives to lead the lay faithful to live their deepest identity as missionary disciples.

Fr. Francis Donnelly, CC

Fr. Francis Donnelly is a retired priest of the Companions of the Cross who carries many degrees in English, Medieval Studies, Theology, and Canon Law. Fr. Francis has been in the Renewal movements and pastoral ministries spanning 50 years, besides endless blessings. Born in Ireland, his family migrated to Montreal, Quebec where he was ordained to the priesthood in 1979. He was led to join the Companions of the Cross in Ottawa because of its vision of Christian renewal, charismatic ministry, evangelization, ecumenism, Marian movement, and renewal of parishes.

Natalia Lacar

Natalia Lacar has been joyfully serving God’s Kingdom through her anointing in prophecy and healing for more than 35 years now, in the Philippines and Canada. She is a parishioner of St. Mary’s Parish, Ottawa where she serves as Chairperson of the Parish Pastoral Council, co-leader of the Prayer and Prophetic Ministry, and Coordinator of the Night of Worship and Ministry (an evening of praise, prophecy, teaching and healing). Natalia earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communication (major in Journalism, minor in Philosophy) and Master of Arts in Communication from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, and Baccalaureate in Education from the University of Ottawa, Ontario. She is a teacher with the Ottawa Catholic School Board and the faith mentor at her school.  

Chris Keyes

Chris Keyes has been involved in evangelization for 35 years. He has an MA in Theology from the Franciscan University of Steubenville. He’s been a part-time host for 30 years on the national Catholic television ministry, Food For Life. He left his high-tech career in 2016 to work full-time for Catholic Christian Outreach where he is the VP of Programming supporting 120 full-time missionaries evangelizing over 30 campuses. He has two married children and 9 grandchildren and lives in Ottawa.

Sr. Melinda Schenher, SC

Life in the Holy Spirit began for Sr. Melinda Schenher when she attended, as a child, an ecumenical charismatic prayer group with her parents. At Saskatchewan’s University of Regina, in her first year of studies, she experienced a conversion of heart through a powerful weekend retreat and her involvement with Catholic Christian Outreach. She has served the Lord in youth ministry, young adult ministry, and as the Associate Director of John Paul II Bible School in Radway, Alberta. In 2008, she joined the Servants of the Cross, and became a lifetime member in 2018. She previously served the Community as Vocations Director, and currently is a member of the Executive Council and Director of Admissions. Her gentle heart and infectious joy demonstrate the life of Jesus living in her.

News & Events:

Join us for School

Encounter School is a powerful experience that helps bridge the gap between the supernatural lifestyle of Jesus and the everyday experience of many believers. Participants get a taste of the joy, transformation, and renewal that is at the heart of our mission.

Spirit, Build Your Church

If your heart is longing for something more and you’re ready to give the Holy Spirit permission, join us at Encounter School of Ministry (ESM) – Ottawa Campus. The Holy Spirit wants to clothe you in power from on high. Fire and wind, come do it again.

This diocese has reviewed and welcomed the Encounter School of Ministry.

“I welcome and support Encounter School of Ministry in the Archdiocese of Ottawa-Cornwall. I pray your ministry may truly answer a fundamental need in our church today – equipping Catholics in becoming authentic missionary disciples by creating a culture of encounter with the Lord Jesus. May the Holy Spirit guide you in your efforts of new evangelization.” – Archbishop Marcel Damphousse

The Encounter School of Ministry is open to Christians of all backgrounds—disciples who believe God calls them to demonstrate His supernatural love in their daily lives. Our curriculum and content is rooted in Catholic Tradition and faithful to Catholic teaching.

View our approval page >>

Summer Intensive 2021


Testimonies are key in building faith. Read here how God’s healing hand touched many hearts at our recent ‘Summer Intensive’.

Thank you for everything you are doing to raise up Ottawa, for each Encounter Ministry participant helping us to know and to grow, no longer hiding our lights under a bushel, equipping us to take Jesus to so many more in a joyful manner!
Karin C., Ottawa, Ontario

First I want to say WOW this has been amazing so far! 
Chris S., Ottawa, Ontario

I just want to thank you for an excellent 4 day seminar. Please thank Sister for me, her prayer for me moved me. 
I have been discerning! At Adoration and Mass this morning. 
I was challenged to ask God to show me a hurt I needed healing from, from my past. He showed me a few. 
Then Father’s Homily was on ‘we are all called to be prophetic and know the scriptures.’
So I believe I am being nudged to enroll. So I have decide to, and the happiness and joy I fell after deciding has convinced me this is what Our Lord wants for me.
Julia M., Ottawa, Ontario

During the activation in which we asked God to show us how/where He has shown His love to us in the events of our lives, I received very specific images of myself listening/talking to several people (mostly staff of mine)…. As these images came to me, I heard myself react to them and say “Oh, it is in my ministering to others that God has shown His love to me.” (It made so much sense all of a sudden.)
Why is this special?
I had specifically asked God to give me a real encounter of the love of His Sacred Heart during this week. So it was His answer to my prayer.
Secondly, it is the first time I have ever referred to how I interact with others as “ministering”. (And this event re-affirms for me that my “ministry” is to my staff more so than to the beneficiaries of our charitable work in Kenya.) This is very important for me to better understand and I will spend more time with it.
Finally, I tend to suffer from the lie that I don’t do enough to please God and I always need to do more…. I got a clear sense that I am just fine as I am. I don’t have to work or try harder. …. He also gave me to know that He is with me in this and that we have great things ahead of us, so just stay the course, keep up the good effort, don’t get down on myself. Also, I should step out in some of the directions I have been sensing – basically “Go for it. I’ve got your back!”
So I ended my semi-self-directed retreat (during the days I had my own little program of prayers, Adoration and Masses) feeling renewed, re-energized and actually raring to get back to work.
Nina C., Ottawa, Ontario

Last night I was prayed over for my back by Marie and her partner. (It) was the first night in months that I went to bed without pain… PRAISE THE LORD!
This is not my first healing by a long shot but each healing feels like first healing. I am so thankful for their persistence with this talkative lady.
I did enjoy the Summer Intensive if only to get a few ideas and have many of my ways (taught by God) affirmed.
Thanks to all who spent their time preparing for this week…. 
I hope that you consider offering more zoom courses – like a Friday night/Saturday Encounter course.
Thanks again for the prayers,
Betty C., EternalBrat

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