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Meet your director 
Sr. Anna Chan

Sr Anna Chan serves as the General Superior of the fledgling religious community, Servants of the Cross in Ottawa, Canada. She founded the Community back in 2003 and is super passionate to see men and women discover what it means to live life to the fullest in Jesus Christ. She is an evangelizer, has a heart for parish renewal, and strives to lead the lay faithful to live their deepest identity as missionary disciples. Alongside her beautiful Sisters, their mission is evangelization, first, last and always.

Meet your Ottawa Campus
Leadership Team

Top row from left to right: Natalia Lacar, Sr. Melinda Schenher,
Fr. Francis Donnelly (Chaplain)

Bottom row from left to right: Sr. Anna Chan, Chris Keyes,
Chris Zettel (Worship Leader)

This diocese has reviewed and welcomed the Encounter School of Ministry.

“I welcome and support Encounter School of Ministry in the Archdiocese of Ottawa-Cornwall. I pray your ministry may truly answer a fundamental need in our church today – equipping Catholics in becoming authentic missionary disciples by creating a culture of encounter with the Lord Jesus. May the Holy Spirit guide you in your efforts of new evangelization.” – Archbishop Marcel Damphousse

The Encounter School of Ministry is open to Christians of all backgrounds—disciples who believe God calls them to demonstrate His supernatural love in their daily lives. Our curriculum and content is rooted in Catholic Tradition and faithful to Catholic teaching.

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Testimonies are key in building faith. Read here how God’s healing hand touched many hearts at our recent ‘Summer Intensive’.

Thank you for everything you are doing to raise up Ottawa, for each Encounter Ministry participant helping us to know and to grow, no longer hiding our lights under a bushel, equipping us to take Jesus to so many more in a joyful manner!
Karin C., Ottawa, Ontario

First I want to say WOW this has been amazing so far! 
Chris S., Ottawa, Ontario

I just want to thank you for an excellent 4 day seminar. Please thank Sister for me, her prayer for me moved me. 
I have been discerning! At Adoration and Mass this morning. 
I was challenged to ask God to show me a hurt I needed healing from, from my past. He showed me a few. 
Then Father’s Homily was on ‘we are all called to be prophetic and know the scriptures.’
So I believe I am being nudged to enroll. So I have decide to, and the happiness and joy I fell after deciding has convinced me this is what Our Lord wants for me.
Julia M., Ottawa, Ontario

During the activation in which we asked God to show us how/where He has shown His love to us in the events of our lives, I received very specific images of myself listening/talking to several people (mostly staff of mine)…. As these images came to me, I heard myself react to them and say “Oh, it is in my ministering to others that God has shown His love to me.” (It made so much sense all of a sudden.)
Why is this special?
I had specifically asked God to give me a real encounter of the love of His Sacred Heart during this week. So it was His answer to my prayer.
Secondly, it is the first time I have ever referred to how I interact with others as “ministering”. (And this event re-affirms for me that my “ministry” is to my staff more so than to the beneficiaries of our charitable work in Kenya.) This is very important for me to better understand and I will spend more time with it.
Finally, I tend to suffer from the lie that I don’t do enough to please God and I always need to do more…. I got a clear sense that I am just fine as I am. I don’t have to work or try harder. …. He also gave me to know that He is with me in this and that we have great things ahead of us, so just stay the course, keep up the good effort, don’t get down on myself. Also, I should step out in some of the directions I have been sensing – basically “Go for it. I’ve got your back!”
So I ended my semi-self-directed retreat (during the days I had my own little program of prayers, Adoration and Masses) feeling renewed, re-energized and actually raring to get back to work.
Nina C., Ottawa, Ontario

Last night I was prayed over for my back by Marie and her partner. (It) was the first night in months that I went to bed without pain… PRAISE THE LORD!
This is not my first healing by a long shot but each healing feels like first healing. I am so thankful for their persistence with this talkative lady.
I did enjoy the Summer Intensive if only to get a few ideas and have many of my ways (taught by God) affirmed.
Thanks to all who spent their time preparing for this week…. 
I hope that you consider offering more zoom courses – like a Friday night/Saturday Encounter course.
Thanks again for the prayers,
Betty C., EternalBrat

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