During the activation at the end of class 1 Section 2, based on Revelation 3:20, we were asked to listen for Jesus’ voice as he knocked on the door and then open it and see what He would do or say. I didn’t open the door because I was afraid of what he might ask me to do.
Two months later, i listened to the talk again. This time I opened the door because I was curious about what Jesus had for me. He came in and said he wanted to take me for a walk. Then he took me by the hand and kept smiling at me and I started laughing. I didn’t care if the walk was one that would eventually lead to martyrdom or to fun or to pray for healing for others, or wherever. I just wanted to be with Jesus and he wanted to be with me, not because of what I have done but because I am me.

– Bob Horning
Main Campus (Brighton)