Drawing from the richness of our Catholic heritage, we seek to teach, equip & activate disciples to demonstrate the love of God through the power of the Holy Spirit in their sphere of influence.

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” (Mk 16:15)

With our official launch of the Online Campus in the fall of 2020, you can now have the transforming experience of
the Encounter School of Ministry from home.  If you live outside commuting distance of our Main Campus or one of our Satellite Campuses, we encourage you to enroll in our Online Campus where you will connect with students across the world in this dynamic classroom environment. 

Streaming Live Worship

Weekly Teaching Sessions

Weekly Live Zoom Class

Small Group Community

Spiritual Mentorship

Annual Calendar

Classes run weekly mid-September through May.
First-year orientation: week of September 12th
First Week of Classes: week of September 19th

  • Live Zoom classes meet once per week.
  • There are two teaching videos required to watch before each live class.
  • Students have one week to complete the homework and videos. 

Faithful Teaching

Before approval, our curriculum undergoes a rigorous academic curriculum review with a team of respected Catholic theologians, including  Dr. Mary Healy, Dr. Alan Schreck, Dr. Daniel Keating, Rev. Peter F. Ryan, S.J., and Dr. Robert Fastiggi.

Not only did they work to guarantee that the curriculum is free from moral and doctrinal error and rooted deeply in Scripture, official Church teaching and the testimony of the early Church fathers, but they helped to provide greater precision and accuracy in the curriculum to diminish possible confusion and ensure full continuity with Church teaching.

This campus has been reviewed and approved by the bishop of this diocese.


Several guest instructors will also teach on special topics throughout the year. These instructors vary on each school year, but include powerful speakers, such as Peter Herbeck, Dr. Mary Healy, Fr. Boniface Hicks, O.S.B., and many more. 

Flexible Schedule

Meet your online class once per week.
Teaching sessions are uploaded weekly to your student dashboard. Online students watch these 2-hour sessions and do homework at their convenience before attending each scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday dynamic Zoom session. During these sessions, you’ll review, reflect, and activate your learning with a Encounter School Online facilitator in both large group and small group breakout formats.

Dynamic Breakout Rooms

Activating the gifts of the Holy Spirit
Activations take what you have learned and put it into action. With the Online Campus, you will have opportunities in small group breakout rooms to share your experiences, pray with others, and activate the supernatural gifts God bestows on you.

Praise & Worship

You also have an opportunity for Praise and Worship, livestreamed every Monday evening during the school year from our Main Campus in Brighton, Michigan.

Class Videos & Homework 

Activating the gifts of the Holy Spirit
New class videos are available each week taking you through the curriculum with assigned homework practice exercises, extra reading, journal entries or other activities.

Dynamic Multi-Language Features

The Encounter School Ministry is excited to use the best of Jesus and the best of technology to advance the kingdom of God! We are excited to announce that we have developed precise subtitle captions and multi-language voice-overs to all our teaching sessions in English, Spanish, French and German!

Test-drive a sample from our advanced media player to select subtitles and languages to see what all students will have available to them on their student dashboard!



2 Teaching Video Sessions Released

New Video sessions come available for you to watch on your secure student dashboard. You will need to print off your handout to take notes and internalize the content. Homework will be assigned on this date as well and is due by the time your scheduled dynamic Encounter Zoom Room meets.



Praise & Worship

School Worship, including prophetic prayer and testimonies, will be live-streamed from main campus between 5:00pm-6:15pm ET during the school year.  Replays will available on your secure student dashboard.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday

Your dynamic Zoom sessions will be led by your Encounter facilitator and will include prayer, Q&A, activations, and close with small group time in breakout rooms. When you apply, you will have the opportunity to choose a preferred time of Tuesday (11am / 1pm / 7pm), Wednesday (2:30pm / 8pm / 9pm), Thursday (11am / 1pm / 7pm / 9pm) , or Friday (12pm / 11pm) daytime or evening Zoom session time in the Eastern Time Zone We will do our best to accommodate your preference.


  • Must meet general ESM admission requirements
  • Live outside commuting distance of any of our onsite campuses
  • International students are welcome to apply
  • Technology: (1) A computer with a webcam and high-speed internet capable of streaming high definition video. (2) Online classrooms meet via Zoom (free account setup)
  • Graduation: You must maintain acceptable Zoom classroom attendance, complete assignments and adhere to the online Core Values

The Encounter School of Ministry is open to Christians of all backgrounds—disciples who believe God calls them to demonstrate His supernatural love in their daily lives. Our curriculum and content is rooted in Catholic Tradition and faithful to Catholic teaching.

Cost of Tuition

The tuition for the upcoming school year is $250 per quarter (with a discount if you pay by the year). Required books and Mission Trips cost extra.

Foreign, Online Campus Tuition Disclaimer: For students who are attending a foreign online campus, your tuition will be different based on the currency exchange rate. Please see your specific campus page for the tuition amount for your campus.

Enrollment Period

Classes usually start mid-September and run through May. Official dates and class times vary per campus. Upon completion of the 2nd Year School of Ministry, students graduate.

Additional Reading

In total, textbooks for Year 1 will cost approximately $75 – $100 (not including shipping): Quarter 1: Supernatural Saints by Patrick Reis |  Quarter 2: The Spiritual Gifts Handbook by Dr. Mary Healy and Dr. Randy Clark |  Quarter 3: Healing: Bringing the Gift of God’s Mercy to the World by Dr. Mary Healy  |  Quarter 4: Be Healed by Dr. Bob Schuchts |  Deliverance Ministry by the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services Doctrinal Commission, Dr. Mary Healy

3 Core Values

Core Value #1: Community: Videoconferencing technology helps students to overcome barriers in finding community support and fruitful relationships. Our online campus stresses the importance of cultivating intentional vulnerability-based friendships with your leader and the members of your small group.

Core Value #2: Accountability: Online learning has many advantages and conveniences, but in order for authentic growth and transformation to be possible, the online campus maintains high expectations for your participation and includes many features to help you stay accountable to your school commitments.

Core Value #3: Creativity: In the context of online learning, our team has embraced creativity in adapting our curriculum into an online format. Through the breakout room features, we have found creative ways to facilitate everything from prophetic activations to empowering you to effectively lead inner healing sessions.