Why should I apply to Encounter School?

The Encounter School of Ministry is a dynamic training program designed to teach, equip, and activate you in the full lifestyle of Jesus so that you can walk with God in intimacy and demonstrate his love and power to the world around you! Through utilizing the gift of modern technology, the Encounter School offers an online campus that connects disciples hungry for supernatural transformation in a virtual community where they can flourish!


What is the application process


All prospective students must apply online. The application is free.  Applications are open until all spots are filled. Any prospective students that are not accepted must wait until the following year to reapply. Once you complete all the required fields for information and attach a picture, we will confirm that we received it and begin our discernment process. You should know if your application is accepted within 2-4 business days.


When is the application deadline and first class?

Application deadline for online school  –  Enrollment for the Online Campus is now FULL and unfortunately cannot accept new applications for the 2020-2021 academic year!  Application for 2021/2022 Academic Year should open at the end of January, 2021.

Orientation: TBA

Class 1 content available on the student dashboard: TBA

Dynamic Zoom Room to discuss class 1: TBA

Is there a minimum or maximum age to apply for Encounter Online Campus?

The minimum age is 18 years old (or 17 if you are a high school graduate). There is no maximum age!

Can I start at any quarter of the school year?

No, students are required to start with Quarter 1 on Identity. It is the foundation for all other quarters, which can then be taken out of sequence as necessary.

Do I need to commit to a full two years to apply?

No. After the first year, students will be able to choose whether or not they want to continue and finish their second year of the school.

Why is there a preference given to onsite campuses over online campus in the application process?

Encounter Ministries is committed to providing the highest level of formation for our students. To that end, primacy is given to current onsite campuses in that it would provide the best means of incarnational instruction, the most opportunities for live practicums, and the benefit of support and accompaniment from a local community striving after a supernatural lifestyle. Though special circumstances may result in exceptions, as a norm, students who live near an onsite school may not be accepted to the online campus.

Is it possible to split time between an Online Campus and an Onsite Campus?

Although an Online Campus provides new opportunities for instruction that Main Campus and Satellite Campuses may utilize to their advantage in the future, we recognize that it is not ideal to move between learning communities.  Because our curriculum content is best received in an atmosphere of faith, which is fostered by earned trust in the context of consistent community, it is not an option for students to move between campuses at their discretion.

What kind of spiritual support is needed?

Our online platform is not a substitute for one-to-one support but works in partnership with the kind of direct connection, conversation, and encouragement that happens best between a student and a local spiritual mentor.
Spiritual mentorship doesn’t necessarily mean seeking out a trained spiritual director. It simply requires finding a trusted, joy-filled person of faith who has an awareness of the ebbs and flows of the spiritual life and wants to see you reach your God-given potential. Upon acceptance, we will provide students material on how to find a spiritual mentor to support their growth as a student with Encounter.


Can I attend if I live in Europe?

Yes! You must be able to speak and interact in English. On the application, European students should select the 1:00pm EST option on Thursday (18:00 WET and 19:00 CET) for your Encounter dynamic zoom room.

I'm not Catholic, can I still apply?

Yes! Our applicants come to us from all walks of life: college students, working parents, church leaders, grandparents, laypeople, religious sisters, priests, and Christians from various denominations. Although we teach all content with fidelity to the Catholic faith, we honor and welcome all Christians and disciples from all denominations who are passionate about Jesus and growing in the supernatural to apply and continue their walk with us!


What is the cost of tuition?

The tuition for the upcoming school year is $250 per quarter (with a discount if you pay by the year).  Required books and Mission Trips cost extra. 


What is the refund policy?

In the event that a student pays the annual tuition option and withdraws from school for whatever reason, they may receive a prorated refund figured by calculating the remaining classes of the school minus a withdrawal fee ($50).  The $100.00 deposit to hold the spot for new students is non-refundable.


Are scholarships available?

Unfortunately, at this time, there are no scholarships available for the online campus.

Curriculum & Graduation

What Is the General Curriculum for Ministry School?

Each quarter consists of 8 classes and is sequential in nature. Quarter 1 is foundational to everything that we teach and cannot be skipped or taken out of sequence. Each class in every quarter is vital to prepare you for the next class. Making up missed classes is vital for your growth and can be done by listening and taking notes to audio recordings found on the student dashboard. Our curriculum is as follows:
Q1 – Identity and Transformation
Q2 – Power and Healing
Q3 – Hearing God and the Prophetic Gifts
Q4 – Inner Healing and Freedom
Q5 – Power Evangelization
Q6 – Intimacy with God
Q7 – Advanced Ministry Training
Q8 – Leadership and Deployment

Learn more about our curriculum here and read the impact it makes in the lives of our students here!

What are the graduation requirements?

To graduate, students must complete the following:

  1. All 8 quarters with at least 80% attendance and 80% completion of assignments.
  2. Participation and completion in Year Two ministry project and a local ministry outing.
What do I receive upon graduation?

Everyone who graduates will receive a Certificate of Ministry. This certificate signifies the completion of the requirements of the Encounter School of Ministry.

Tech And Materials

What technology is required to attend the online campus?

Each student must have a computer with access to the internet with speeds that are capable of streaming high definition video. A minimum of 2-4 Mbps or higher internet speed is strongly suggested. Your computer needs to have a functioning webcam that is capable of clearly broadcasting your video and audio. Most of your experience will happen through zoom video conferencing which will be available to you for free.


What do I bring to an online session?

Students will be provided digital access via the student dashboard to weekly student handouts, supplemental reading, and homework assignments. For each session that you watch, to be fully engaged, we encourage you to print out student handouts and fill in notes as you watch. For weekly zoom sessions, students should have completed any necessary homework for class and be prepared to share reflections and testimonies with your online small group.

What supplemental reading do I need to purchase and how much does it cost?

Supplemental reading texts for Year 1 may be purchased on Amazon new or used and range from approximately $10 to $25 (not including shipping). In total, textbooks for Year 1 will cost approximately $75 – $100 (not including shipping).
Quarter 1: The Spiritual Gifts Handbook by Dr. Mary Healy & Dr. Randy Clark
Quarter 2: Healing: Bringing the Gift of God’s Mercy to the World by Dr. Mary Healy
Quarter 3: Lord, Renew Your Wonders by Damien Stayne
Quarter 4: Be Healed by Dr. Bob Schuchts  and Deliverance Ministry by the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services Doctrinal Commission, Dr. Mary Healy


What is the Main Campus?

By Main Campus, we are referring to our flagship location in Brighton, Michigan. This location is also home base for Encounter Ministries where we partner with St. Patrick Catholic Church (Diocese of Lansing, MI) whose pastor is also our president, Fr. Mathias Thelen. 


What are the satellite campuses?

We believe that onsite schools are the most effective means by which we engage in our teaching mission. Beginning with our flagship location in Brighton, MI., Encounter Ministries has 3 pilot Satellite School locations around the country with another 18 locations preparing for launch in the Fall of 2021. Visit our Satellite School page for locations or visit our “Start a Satellite Campus” page for more information on bringing Encounter School of Ministry to your region!


What is the Online Campus?

In our effort to train, equip, and activate more disciples to make kingdom impact in their spheres of influence, Encounter Ministries has launched a virtual campus for students more than 2 hours away from a current onsite location (3 hours for Seattle). Though we affirm onsite and in-person ministry training is best, we are excited about the potential to bring powerful transformation with the very best methods available for an online platform! You can learn more about the Online Campus here.

Starting a Satellite Campus

How Do I Start An Onsite Satellite Campus In My Region?

Our greatest desire is that each Encounter campus would be a powerful agent of transformation for their geographic regions. If God has given you a heart and drive to see others empowered to do the works of Jesus, you may be well-positioned to start an Encounter satellite campus in your region. You can learn more about starting satellite campuses here


Summer Intensive

What is the Summer Intensive?

The SI provides a survey of the content offered in the first four quarters of the Encounter School of Ministry over four fast days of teaching and ministry. The Summer Intensive is perfect for anyone desiring to attend the Encounter School during the year but unable to do so because of distance or schedule. It is also ideal for those considering their enrollment in the school of ministry but looking for greater discernment. Available this year is a live streaming option. Click here for more information or to register.


What are Dates for Summer Intensive?

Brighton, Michigan: July 20th – 23rd
Cincinnati, Ohio: July 27th – 30th
Mandeville, Louisiana: August 24th – 27th
Seattle area: Renton, Washington: August 17th – 20th
Visit here for more details.

Encounter Conference

When and where is the Encounter Conference?

Encounter Conference is our ministries flagship annual event. Each year, we gather together powerful speakers, worship leaders, and thousands of hungry hearts to seek after the Lord and receive a greater outpouring of his Spirit! The next Conference is December 28th – 30th, 2020, in Grand Rapids, MI. Visit our Conference page for more details.


What ministry opportunities are there for students at the Conference?

Though online students will receive many ministry opportunities with one another via their online platform, we want to make sure that all students have additional experience. This is why attending the Encounter Conference is required for all online students. The Conference offers a powerful, one-of-a-kind experience for growth and blessing. First year students will play a support role during many ministry sessions at the Conference while Second Year students will be invited to take lead in ministering healing, prophetic words, and prayers of impartation for thousands of people. Online students will receive a student badge which will be required to be worn throughout the Conference.

How do students register for the Conference?

Though the general conference registration site is available, we ask potential students to hold off on registering. Once your application is accepted, we provide a separate student registration through our dashboard after classes begin in September. First-year students who have inadvertently registered through the general conference page can request a refund by emailing

Mission Trips and Ministry Outings

What opportunities are available for students?

A part of the ESM experience is being able to go on a mission trip. This is a wonderful opportunity to grow as you serve and are activated in the things you have learned. The cost of your mission trip is not included in your tuition. Missions usually happen around March and June. Students will receive more information regarding Mission trips in the Fall. Though optional, we encourage students and alumni to attend and continue to experience growth by serving on ministry teams.

What about other Ministry Opportunities?

Year One Students will be invited to participate in support roles at the nearest Encounter events, such as healing services, conferences, and Transformation Nights. Other online ministry options may be available in the future. Year Two Students will be invited to take on active leadership roles on ministry teams for the above-mentioned events and be invited to participate in power-evangelization outings, create and execute ministry projects, and potentially minister to Year One Students.


Can you please explain the online experience?

Encounter School of Ministry Online Campus offers the same 2-year (8 quarter) program as our onsite schools. You will have weekly content to learn from, homework that applies what you’re learning into your daily life, readings, and online small group sessions with discussions and activations. Online students will have access to live worship times, mentorship, and receive ministry experience at our annual Conference. Graduating students who meet requirements are eligible to receive a Certificate of Ministry.


What is the time commitment for online school?

The amount of time will vary by individual. There are two sessions for each class period, providing about 2 hours of class content per week, not including related homework and reading assignments. The weekly dynamic Zoom Room will last no more than 1.5 hours each week. Class content will be reviewed by accessing the student dashboard.  Followed up by a weekly dynamic Zoom Room to discuss the content. Reading assignments are typically no more than 2 chapters per week. The School spans two years total time with classes running from September through May each year.

What kind of homework is there?

Other than reading, you can expect assignments requiring you to put into practice a particular insight or ministry tool alongside writing a reflection, processing experiences, or journaling responses to prayer prompts. To graduate with a certificate, students must complete 80% of their homework assignments by the end of each quarter.

What is the student dashboard?

All accepted students will receive online access to the student dashboard. The dashboard is a protected site provides access to the following:

  • Video uploads to watch weekly class teachings for your current quarter
  • Digital copy of class handouts, reading and homework assignments
  • Portal to review and pay tuition
  • Student intercession prayer wall
  • Regular update on important news and events related to school
Can a group of friends and I gather together in a small group to watch sessions?

Although studying in groups and, if possible, the formation of local small groups is encouraged, it will be essential to discussions and most activations that each student has their own electronic device by which to participate in weekly, dynamic Zoom Rooms.

When do I meet online for Zoom Rooms?

When you fill out the application, you will specify which day of the week you prefer for the online Zoom Room group meeting (Wed. @ 7 pm EST, Thurs. @ 1 pm EST, or Thurs. @ 7 pm EST). Once you decide on a day/time, you’re locked into that day/time for the remainder of the academic year.

Besides the Wednesday/Thursday option, what days and times would online classes be?

Beyond your scheduled Zoom Room, which will either be on Wednesday or Thursday, the remainder of the online course and the associated curriculum content can be studied on your own schedule.

When will I know the day and time of my weekly, dynamic Zoom Room?

The group mentor for your online classroom will be reaching out to you in July to communicate those details specific to your online classroom, including the day and time for which you will be participating in your dynamic Zoom Room.  Unless “No Preference” was selected in your Online Campus application, you may safely assume that your dynamic Zoom Room will be scheduled for your preferred day and time.

What can new students do to get started for Fall classes?

Students are encouraged to get a head start on quarter 1 by reading the following before the first class begins:

  • From Sober Intoxication of the Spirit, read Chapter 5, Anointed by Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa OFM, (the required chapter will also be made available to download upon acceptance)
  • Some Implications That Vatican II’s Biblical Teaching On The Charisms Has On Lay Evangelization In The Magisterium Of Pope John Paul II By Fr. Mathias Thelen (available to download from student dashboard upon acceptance)

Other great resources and ideas include:

  • Biblical Foundations for the Role of Healing in Evangelization, Fr. Mathias Thelen
  • Become an Encounter Ministries Partner and begin your learning early with our library of video and audio teaching sessions from conferences, events, and a sampling of teaching sessions from our school. More information on how to partner with us can be found here.
  • Attend Summer Intensive and get a sampling of the first four quarters of Ministry School! Find more information on the locations and dates here.
  • Find us on Youtube or follow us on Facebook.
  • Watch our two documentaries: Revive and Fearless
    REVIVE is a follow-up to the groundbreaking 2017 Fearless documentary. Following director Maura Smith, this film documents the crisis of faith among Catholic high school students and investigates what impact signs, wonders, and healings could have in Catholic education.
    REVIVE documents healings breaking out at high schools across America and then does something unprecedented: it captures and documents a live healing evangelization event at a major Catholic high school! The event, led by Encounter Ministries, was filmed along with extensive follow-up investigations and interviews with students and faculty. The results of this event were nothing less than an overwhelming display of God’s supernatural power and love invading the school community, leaving it radically changed.

About Encounter Ministries

What are core values for Encounter School of Minsitry?

Core values are what direct and protect the powerful culture of our ministry and our school environments. We believe our core values help create a landing pad for the Holy Spirit to arrive and so also help launch our students toward our God-given mission. Our ministry core values can be found here.

Tell me more about the team at Encounter Ministries

Encounter Ministries is blessed to have a collection of individuals who are lovers of the presence of the Lord and passionate about revival in the church. Learn more about our leadership, team members, school leaders, and more here.


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