After realizing God would not allow “retirement” for my husband and me but rather called to be in ministry, both of us are learning so much. This year, I prayed with a lady who had ankle strain with pain. She was healed by the time she got home! We have been praying with two women; both survivors of child abuse with different outcomes of woundedness. With much prayer and sharing, both are being healed and growing in faith. Halleluiah! Today, one told me that prayer with her and an email I sent was what she needed to let go of her pain, hurt, and temptations so she could sense God in her life again. More healing is needed for both,  just as we receive more from God. The Encounter teachings are helping me grow in hearing God, His guidance, and providing the power to act on it. It is giving me the joy of sharing His open Heaven to help establish His Kingdom on Earth! Thank you, Encounter for expanding to online teaching!

– Bea Nishimuta
Online Campus