I literally grew up in the charismatic movement. Mom and dad took me with them to prayer group and charismatic conferences from the time I was 7. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit just after my First Communion and have prayed with people from that time forward. I have always wanted more from God but did not know why. I figured it was because I am the youngest of ten and I had learned early the need to ask for what I wanted as well as what I needed. I naturally treated God the same way and asked for many many gifts over the years. I just presumed everyone did.
Sadly, I found out in seminary that I was pretty much alone in this type of prayer and I was told it was immature to pray that way. I stopped for a time but Mother Mary kept nudging me to begin asking again. So, I listened to her.
A group of us came to the 2020 conference and were amused by how many times the words “more” and “fire” were used. We joked about it but now we use them all the time in our prayer as well as in our homilies and teachings at RCIA. This first quarter has given me a new freedom-one that maybe I lost a long time ago- to boldly ask for more for me and for my parish. Now, I find myself ask God to give me more love for Him and my people. This has and is setting me more and more free every day. I will always expect more from God and cannot wait to see what this more will look like in my parishes. Come Holy Spirit with more fire, more power, and more love. More! Thanks Encounter Ministries. Fr. Walter Nolte

– Walter Nolte