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Year 1 Schedule

Quarter 1 Identity and Transformation

Mondays September 9 – October 28

Quarter 2 Power and Healing

Mondays November 4 – December 16

 Quarter 3 Hearing God and the Prophetic Gifts

Mondays January 13- March 9

Quarter 4 Inner Healing and Freedom

Mondays March 23 – May 11

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Quarter 3 Resources

To all our students, Happy New Year! We’re excited to have you back at school on Monday, January 13th! We’re excited to get started with the next quarter with you! Before we get going, however, we’d like for you to prayerfully evaluate our first semester. Please take a few minutes and provide feedback for each of the two quarter separately (submit your feedback for the first quarter of the school year and then return to the link and submit your feedback for the second quarter of the year).

Click – Ministry School Feedback . or copy and paste the link below into your browser You can also find a tab to the survey in your dashboard.

If you attended Encounter Conference and participated in our prayer ministry team, please fill out this survey! This is only for students who attended and participated on ministiry team. Those students will also receive an email survey. You only have to provide feedback once.

Starting in Q3, Year 2 students will be joining Year 1 during worship in the PLC. Students can visit the church as needed for ‘secret place’ personal prayer as well.

If you selected to pay quarterly tuition, a new unpaid tuition invoice should have been emailed to you systematically on or around January 4th, 2020.  These are due no later than Monday, January 20th. We will take payments (cash, charge, checks to Encounter Ministries) during preschool worship in the PLC on Monday January 13 and 20th.  The easiest method, however, is to pay yourself online by selecting the green “Pay with Stripe” button at the top of the invoice where you can securely enter your credit card information and receive an automated proof of payment. PLEASE MAKE PAYMENTS PROMPTLY!  Questions can be referred to

Transformation Nights, 6:30-9pm in the PLC (Only 2nd year students will be invited to minister)

  • Jan 17: Barbara Heil, Ministering In The Glory of God
  • Feb 21: Bryan O’Donnell, New Wineskins 
  • March 6: Brian Orme, Honoring * Ministering with Saints and Angels

Class 1 – Intro & Overview – Jan 13
Class 2- The Word of God – Jan 20
Class 3 – Basic Prophetic Ministry Pt. 1 – Jan 27
Class 4 – Prophetic Principles & Activation – Feb 3
Class 5 – Prophetic Activations & The Word of Knowledge Ministry – Feb  10
Class 6 – Words of Knowledge – Feb 17
Class 7 – Prophetic Declarations & Corporate Prophecy – Feb 24
Class 8 – Special Session – March 2
Class 9 – Prophetic Ministry Room Practicum – March 9

Quarter 2 Resources


Student Outline – Q2. Class 2. Session 1 Biblical Basis for Healing Ministry

Student Outline – Q2. Class 2. Session 2 – Theology of Healing

Homework – Prayerfully read selected Gospel and book of Acts healing stories and ask Holy Spirit to give you personal teaching about healing ministry.  Write a reflection in your journal to share with your table group on what you learned from these scriptures. Each of the entries includes a description, location and passage reference.

  • Peter heals a lame man Jerusalem / Acts 3:1-11
  • Apostles perform many wonders Jerusalem / Acts 5:12-16
  • Peter heals Eneas Lydda / Acts 9:33, 34
  • Peter raises the dead Joppa / Acts 9:36-41
  • Paul converted and healed Road to Damascus / Acts 9:1-9
  • Paul heals a cripple Lystra / Acts 14:8-10
  • Paul casts out a spirit of divination Philippi / Acts  16:16-18 
  • Paul restores Eutychus to life Troas / Acts 20:9-12
  • Paul heals multitudes Corinth / Acts 19:9- 12
  • Paul shakes off a viper and heals leader and multitudes Malta / Acts 28:3-6

Read – Healing Chapters 3-4

Student Outline – Q2. C3. S1 Prayer Model for Healing


No handout or audio for second sesison.

Homework: Pray for at least one family member or close friend in need of healing with the 5 step prayer model. Write a reflection of what happened and what you learned in your prayer journal and share with your table group. Read Healing Chapters 5-6

Student Outline – Q2. C4. S1 The Role of Faith & Power of Testimony Handout


Student Outline – Q2. C4. S2 Partnering with God’s Power & Words of Knowledge for Healing

Video: Words of Knowledge – Encounter Conference

Option 1: In personal prayer, ask God to give you a word of knowledge for a condition he wants to heal for a friend in your life.  Dismiss any conditions you have prior knowledge of. Contact them to check it out and minister.
Option 2: Go after words of knowledge for healing where you have connections with strangers in public (waitresses, hairdressers, etc) and check them out and minister.

Supplemental Reading: Healing Chapters 7-8

Student Outline – Q2. C5. S1 Pioneering In Healing Ministry Pt. 1

Student Outline – Q2. C5. S2 Pioneering In Healing Ministry Pt. 2

HomeworkSTEP OUT! When you are out and about, initiate a conversation with a stranger who you discern (naturally or supernaturally) to be in need of healing and offer to pray for them. Share a testimony before you pray.

Healing Chapter 9-10

Student Outline – Q2. C6. S1 Overcoming Discouragement


Student Outline – Q2. C6. S2 The Power of Peace


Class 7 – Information on Healing Rooms

Homework: Praying with Philippians 4.  Spend 2-3 minutes telling God my problems in a spirit of thanksgiving.  Spend 7-8 minutes in silence listening and receiving peace. Write down and describe the peace and joy you received from the Lord in your journal. 

Read: Healing Chapters 11-12.

Quarter 1 Resources

Session 1 – Identity and Transformation

Student Outline – Q1.C1. S1 Identity And Transformation


Session 2 – My Sheep Hear My Voice

Student Outline – Q1.C1. S2 Made To Hear His Voice

Homework Practicum: In prayer, select a specific question or decision in your life that is important to you. In a very direct manner, ask Jesus what his heart is about the decision or question. In your journal, write down what you receive in prayer. Afterward, summarize the following:What did you receive? How did you receive it? What did you learn about how you hear God’s voice?

Student Outline – Q1.C2. S1 Our Standard of Ministry


Student Handouts – Q1.C2.S2 Understanding The Purpose of Power


Practicum: Read the Gospel of Mark – identify every occasion of power demonstrated (healing – both large crowds and individual, deliverance from evil spirits, miracles, prophetic revelation, etc). How many instances do you find? Write a one page paper about how you would respond to someone who is confused about the importance of the Church’s responsibility to demonstrate God’s power in the world.


Student Outline – Q1. C3. S1 Kingdom Authority


Student Outline – Q1.C3.S2 Ministering From Authority

HOMEWORK: In prayer, ask the Lord to reveal what strongholds of the mind are keeping you from walking in the authority He’s given you. Ask the Lord to show you the truth He wants you to know in exchange for the lies. In a short paper outline the truths that Jesus gave you.

READ: Spiritual Gifts Handbook – Chapter 3

Student Outline – Q1.C4. S1 Identity as a temple of the holy spirit


Student Outline – Q1. C4. S2 Ministering As Temples of the Holy Spirit


Goal: Continue ministering from a posture of heaven to earth

Ask God to show you someone in your family (or close friend) who needs an increase of His presence in their life. Based on what you learned from class, ask them if there are any areas of life they need God’s help.
Practicum: Offer to pray that God would release his presence through you for them. 

Journal a short half page reflection of what happened and what you learned. Be prepared to share it at the start of the next class.

 Read: Spiritual Gifts Handbook – Chapter 4

Student Outline – Q1. C5. S1 Renewal of the Mind

Student Outline – Q1. C5. S2 Students of the Supernatural


Read through the 8 miracle signs in the Gospel of John. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you the lessons you can learn about supernatural ministry through the ministry of Jesus. 

Jn 2:1-11; Jn 4:46-54; Jn 5:1-17; Jn 6:1-14; Jn 6:15-21; Jn 9:1-12; Jn 11:1-45; Jn 21:1-11  

Write a minimum one page paper capturing your insights.

Read Chapter 5 of Spiritual Gifts Handbook.

Student Outline – Q1. C6. S1 Three Leavens

Survey Tool – Q1. C6. S1 Three Leavens


Student Outline – Q1. C6. S2 Dead To Sin


READ and PRAY with Romans 6-8.  Before you start, ask God to show you where you need to be transformed by the renewal of your mind.
WRITE a journal entry that details what God showed you from these chapters.
Supplemental Reading Chapter 6 of Spiritual Gifts Handbook
Three Leaven Self-Assessment: Please complete the handout attached

 Student Outline – Q1. C7. S1 Transformation Through Declarations

Activation 2 – Q1. C7. S1 Declarations

Activation 1 – Q1. C7. S1 Psalm 91 Declarations Handout



Student Outline – Q1. C7. S2 The Will of God


Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to inspire in you 10 declarations that you need to confirm your identity and direct your life in this season. Remember, scriptural promises are a great place to let God speak to you about this, but they are not the only place.

Write them as a list that you can refer to in prayer. Bring the list with you to class and be ready to share them with a group. 

Supplemental Reading: Spiritual Gifts Handbook – Chapter 7

Session 2 Activations: We will also use small group time to do Session 2 Activation at the start of class.

Student Outline – Q1. C8. S1 The Baptism of the Holy Spirit


Homework: In prayer, continue to press in and seeking after an increase in the spiritual gifts.

Supplemental Reading: Spiritual Gifts Handbook – Chapter 8.  

Quarter 2 Supplemental Reading:  ‘Healing’ by Dr Mary Healy.  Begin Chapters 1 & 2 if you want a head start!

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