Listen to the Father and Look with Him.

I think I have a control issue rooted deeply, which comes with not trusting the Father and being worried about myself all the time especially in prayer ministry. Something I’ve learned is His great love for me and that he wants me to love with his heart not my own. So when someone asks for prayer my heart is asking him “Father what is your heart for this person?” “Abba, give me your eyes to see!”
And he has been. One day I prayed over someone who has hurt me recently and our relationship has been a little passive-aggressive but the father showed me his love for me and that broke through my heart for her. As I prayed for her I was just so amazed because I was ministering out of a place of love beyond my view of things.
Then I’m praying over others for healing I just trust the Father is doing good things! I trust he wants to heal through me and he wants me to step out, but there are rules from Encounter that make it so simple and take a lot off of my back. I feel called but not pressured. Looking at people
With the Father is a whole new way to see and to minster.

– Teresa Gjernes
Main Campus (Brighton)