Learning Who I Am

What a beautiful quarter. Before the quarter God was moving in me slowly and steadily but through this quarter it felt like God placed me in a catapult and launched into spiritual growth! First-class, I loved how it began with the core value because right away I knew that is where my starting point was to begin on this journey of identity and transformation. I struggled with Intimacy with God even though it had not occurred to me before that moment. I didn’t know God intimately or how intimately God looked at me. This first quarter started the journey that showed me who I was in his eyes and who He was in mine. One of the most impactful moments was the first-night activation when we had to see ourselves in the Kingdom. It was so beautiful, I was in a forest and it was so peaceful. My dress was the most amazing shade of teal and I had a crown of yellow roses. The out of the blue a large lion shows up and we begin to play together. I ride on his back and we run as fast as the wind through the forest together laughing so hard. I thought this was amazing- how I looked so beautiful and royal and how I could run and play, something I have not been able to do for years due to a back injury. There in the Kingdom the impossible for me was possible and it as thrilling and joyful and I was so free and happy. I had to be honest and face the way I saw God. I was living out of the orphan spirit. I felt like I was a slave not a friend of God. I loved him but was afraid of him too. Every week in class God would break down another wall in my life speak truth into my heart of how much he loved me, who I was, and that there is a multitude of heavenly treasures that I had access to. I woke up from the old way of thinking to a renewal of the mind that I am God-beloved daughter not just in my mind but in my heart and that there is always more for me. So beautiful how this first quarter is transforming me and my family.

– Sharon Koss
Main Campus (Brighton)