“Jesus wants to Know Why you do not sing to Him any More”

Dear Brothers and Sisters in our Beloved Lord Jesus,

I would like to start by stating ” Be Not Afraid.” As God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are moving inside your heart in order to make all things new. Encounter Ministry is the work of the Holy Spirit and New Spring time. The long cold bitter winter is ending and warmth, love and new life is emerging. I’m ready to be deployed!

This new spring time began with a word of knowledge that was courageously spoken to me by a Christian Friend of mine” Jesus wants to Know Why you do not sing to Him any More”. At the time when these words were spoken to me, my heart was still healing from the betrayal & abandonment of a marriage of 21 years, the death of a beloved Mom, who passed away with the heart wrenching disease of ALS, along with other sins, wounds and hurts. The effects of these events, unfortunately filled me at times with worthlessness, anxiety, depression, anger & Shame. They were foes like the unwelcome presence of Ice in early spring that weighs down the beautiful new little daffodil which has been trying to bloom.

“Jesus wants to Know Why you do not sing to Him any More” These words of Knowledge from the Holy Spirit brought forth a new realization to me. A ray of sunshine that would start the processes of melting the thick ice that held my heart in bondage. When I was a child, Jesus would fill my soul with Joy, Love and trust. I desired to Sing to Jesus in order to profess my love and gratitude to Him. After I sang, Jesus poured even more love into my heart. My soul was a beautiful little rose bud garden, care free, fragrant and full of trust, innocence and love. Over time the battles, sins and wounds, had caused me to stop singing to Jesus.

Through this one word of Knowledge, a path to a new beginning appeared. As God then led me to the Encounter Ministry School. Over the past two years the Holy Trinity was saturating me with the rays of his sunshine which was melting away the ice on my heart. Wow, Incredible amazing, transforming and even these words could never capture what happened. Through Scripture, the class room teachings, Prayer, Holy Spirit Manifestations & fellowship, a complete new birth and renewal of the mind, Body, soul and Spirit had occurred. The Layers of Ice on my heart that had held me in shame, guilt, fears, anxieties, depression, anger and doubts were melted away. The heart of the child that I once knew was no longer a stranger. God had breathed new life into my soul. A new Garden had formed that was even more beautiful then the childhood one. The deep Inner Peace of God’s Love, Innocence and Joy have captured my soul. I am freely residing in God’s beautiful garden of love, opening up my beautiful petals to God’s Sunshine, swaying in the peaceful winds of the Holy Spirit and enjoying God’s the Father tender care and watering of my Soul. Jesus no longer ask me Why I do not sing to him any more. We daily sing together in the Garden of His Love.

In closing, as I and my fellow students go forth and allow Jesus to fill us with His life and love, we do so bringing God’s sunshine to others! As God’s dream for us all is to live forever in his heavenly Garden with all our brothers and sisters, on earth and those who are already there in the Celestial Garden.

May God’s Peace Always be with You,

– Susan Willis
Main Campus (Brighton)