Praised be Jesus! I am a child of God, and an heir to the Kingdom of Heaven, which makes me a Prince of the Kingdom of God! That’s some cool stuff! What is even more amazing is that I am a real disciple of Jesus, only in the 21st century. When He said “and you will do greater things than these” He meant it, that was His command and that is now my mission in life, and my identity, a real-life disciple of Jesus. For the first time in my life, every twist and turn, I now realize, has pointed me to here and now, stepping into my full-time role as a disciple of Christ, healer and miracle worker all for the Glory of God the Father! I may have a “regular job” by day, but at night (and actually during the day too) I am a superhero bringing Jesus Christ and His love to those He puts in my path! Some are healed, some are not, but I am stepping into my identity and am “stepping up to the plate” and swinging for the fences for Team Jesus! I now realize I work for Jesus full time, and I am always on the clock as His disciple. St. Catherine of Sienna said, “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire”…. Lord Jesus, I am ready to set the world ablaze for You! Come Holy Spirit, and let your Fire fall!!!

– Frank Saxton
Louisiana Campus