It is a game changer, you are never the same again!

I will forever be grateful to Encounter Ministries. I will forever be grateful to Patrick, Fr. Mathias, Sarah, Joe, the interns, the musicians…. each member of the encounter team made a huge impact on me. Their wisdom, faith, encouragement, and courage was off the charts. I cannot just sum up the last quarter. EVERY quarter was so fruitful. First quarter I experienced the inner healing that has forever changed me. I am a new creation. My Love for Christ cannot be put into words. Before I struggled with so much regret and shame. I never felt good enough to be “close” to Christ. That has all changed and I owe it all to Encounter. With gentleness and nurturing, we are led through content and instruction that patiently leads us into the depths of our hearts, and there we begin to be healed and can profoundly experience the love that Christ has for us. It is a game-changer, you are never the same again!

Then as each quarter unfolded, the growth just increased exponentially. I have never done anything in my life more purposeful and fruitful. It has affected so many people in my sphere of influence. Because of the faith I have acquired, others have been led to Christ through the power of my testimony, This is truly a school of discipleship.

The biggest change that occurred in my life was the change that happened in my family. My spouse led me to the catholic church when we first met, and after 21 years of marriage, I can gratefully say that I led him to a deeper level of relationship with Christ. Because of MY experience, change and growth. Coming home after an amazing class I would eagerly share with him all that I experienced. You have to because your partner has to know what amazing this are happening to you! That led us to attend the Encounter Conference. There, he experienced so much growth and transformation. What really makes my heart so grateful is the faith my children have cultivated. My three kids (10, 15, 18) have a deeper faith because of my faith. We listen to praise and worship together, we pray together, we have attended the Encounter conferences together, and they really love it. The Encounter Conference has made Catholicism dynamic and fruitful for them. It has added a much-needed layer of how we practice our faith. We need experiences for our youth to have encounters with the Holy Spirit. To be set on fire for the Lord! Then they can go back to their churches and parishes and spread the fire.

We need the Encounter school for youth and teens. It is IMPERATIVE that we grow in that direction. I think each RE program at every catholic church needs to be a “mini” Encounter School of Ministry! This would change the face of the church, THIS would keep our kids on fire and coming back as young adults. MY eldest is attending a Catholic University, my middle is attending Catholic Youth Summer camp in July, and my youngest is watching as his sibling grow in relationship to Christ, and my hope is that the faith they have cultivated trickles down to him. What awesome examples my eldest two are to their youngest brother. I owe it all to the faith that I have grown into by being a student of Encounter ministries. I truly believe this is a life changing school.

– Cary Anderson
Main Campus (Brighton)