It Came Upon a Midnight CLEAR

40 years I have walked with Jesus, I have seen Him do marvelous things. But I was stuck in a serious struggle. I needed more, more of Him. I needed my beautiful 26-year-old daughter to be healed. She was in college, dating and working at Kohls department store.
Until she began to consider a religious vocation.
Bam….seizures hit her. Horrible back pain hit her and she became bedridden for 3 years. No religious order will take a sick candidate. This was an attack to thwart her plans. I needed help praying. It was too much for me on my own. This girl loves Jesus, is filled with the Holy Spirit, deeply committed to Hm. She kept telling me Gods got this mom. But she was failing, physically, mentally in every way. To the point, I feared she may die. l needed to learn how to pray for physical healing, more than I had already learned in all those years in the renewal. I needed formation in this area. I was needing a community.
Mind you I was not neglecting my relationships with God before healing school, but it became very clear I had so much more to learn. It was midnight in my life, and my child was very seriously ill. I had the faith and knew God wanted to heal her, but I was scared, I could not see beyond her suffering right before my eyes daily, seizure after seizure. The medical community gave no hope, had no idea why she was sick..had not found an effective treatment plan. I needed Jesus to be her physician, He was the only one who could do it. I needed the Body of Christ and an extraordinary touch from God. At the summer intensive meeting, I got it….and it’s continuing. She is better. Her brain has been healed as a result of the prayer she received at the encounter conference. Mind you now this is 4 years out from the onset, she has multiple problems and one by one Jesus is healing her, and we continue to fight for her, pray for her. She is out of bed now.
How Encounter Ministries helped me,..
I have learned who I am and how to be bold in the Lord. He is big and mighty and able. He wants to heal us. I have grown knowledge of the Lord’s ways and grown in holiness and compassion for others. It takes spiritual maturity to undertake healing school, A desire and openness to all of the spiritual gifts and perseverance in prayer and homework. It’s not for the faint of heart, because you have to decide (Jesus at all costs). It takes time and determination, to make yourself available 24/7 to the Lord. But…isn’t that the great commission Anyway?

– Julie Whitlock
Main Campus (Brighton)