Intimacy Brings Hope

I came into this quarter during a period of prolonged dryness in prayer. Between that and some other circumstances, I was beginning to feel very discouraged. During pre-school worship one evening, I felt the Lord prompt me to go up and lay my hand on the bottom step up to the altar. When I did so, I immediately experienced His presence and began weeping. He gave me the image of the woman with the issue of blood touching His garment and being healed. He said to me, “And you are hemorrhaging hope.” That is exactly what I was doing – all my hope just flowing out and out. I experienced Him healing me and restoring hope and encouragement to me.

After that, every class and every homework assignment became part of my greater walk in hope. Even things I had learned or done previously, like Scriptural meditation, took on new dimensions for me. The teachings were so solid and rich. The homework, though, is where God was able to continue the work of what I was learning. One particular class, we were reading aloud from the Passion Translation and the Lord was so present. It was an intensely moving reminder of the Lord’s love for me personally and again, it brought about restoration of hope as I became more aware of His desire for unity with me.

I can’t say that I emerged completely from this season of dryness, but it is not a cause for discouragement any longer. I know He is present and that I can praise Him in all circumstances. I can actually cultivate joy, not just wish for more it! Best of all, everything I learned can be lived every day as I practice what we learned in personal prayer and ongoing conversation with God.

– Amy Randolph
Main Campus (Brighton)