The Lord’s Strength in Evangelization

The last session of this quarter was powerful for me. We spent time bringing all of the people we desired to know the Lord before Him in prayer, interceding for them. I had been feeling very discouraged at my failures in evangelizing boldly; I remembered when my prophetic words had not born fruit, how people rejected me when I tried Jesus at the Door, and how many times I had passed up an opportunity to tell someone about Jesus.

I poured this discouragement out to the Lord in prayer before the Eucharist. Then I felt that, not only was He able to, but He desired to take it away from me. I released all my failures into His hands and felt an incredible peace. I was able to just rest in Him and trust that it didn’t matter how much I had tried or failed to evangelize that quarter; He was taking it all.

I think when we look at ourselves too much we can miss relying on the Lord’s strength in evangelization, and it was this encounter that reminded me to do that.

– Sarah Negri
Main Campus (Brighton)