In God’s Perfect Time

I have learned so much through this whole year of the Encounter School of Ministry! It did take growing in my relationship with God and hearing His voice to be able to pursue more inner healing for myself. I believe that inner healing requires a deep faith and trust in God‘s love and power to heal. I also know that for me it was so helpful to have developed close relationships in Christ with the women in my small group during the Encounter zoom meetings.

It took courage and trust for me to share the areas of my life where I needed inner healing and to ask two of the women to pray with me. I was greatly blessed! The generosity and love that extended to me through these two women could not have been greater. They listened as I shared the deep pains and wounds I carried. And then we prayed.

God set me free! As we prayed through the Encounter inner healing model God freed me in many areas where I was in bondage. Yet, there was a deeper wound that I was not aware of! Yes, there was pain and tears as God revealed this and healed me. I am very grateful for His love for me and through these two women. Thank you Encounter School of Ministry for helping me get to that place!

– Catherine Sengenberger
Online Campus