Prophecy & Healing

The Identity and Transformation Quarter was amazing! I felt very built up and drew closer to God through accepting on a deeper level my identity as a son of God and the authority given to us by Christ. The activations and practical exercises in class have transformed how I pray with other people. At the beginning I was very hesitant to say what was coming to my mind and not trusting God to reveal what He desired to speak through me by using my imagination and thought prompts. Now I trust that God does speak to me, and others through me using my intellect, imagination, and all aspects of my senses.

A great example of this was when we had future satellite campus leaders on retreat here in Cincinnati and I stayed after class to be prayed over by them. That was a beautiful experience of being built up through prophecy of how God desires to use me to work powerfully in peoples lives and to be a weapon for God. They ended up asking me to come and pray for one of the people in the group that prayed over me, so I joined them. We started with some prophetic words meant to build up the deacon we were praying over , but then he said that he was having a lot of difficulty accepting the words we were speaking into his life. Someone led him through a deliverance prayer and we learned he struggled with PTSD and a lack of self-forgiveness, in part for the men he lost during his time in the Army. I started seeing four men in army uniforms as I was praying over him and got a sense they might be the men he had spoken of to us. I was very nervous, not wanting to say anything that was not from God as it was a very sensitive situation so I prayed asking God to help me know if this was from Him, or myself. I got a sense that I was seeing three black men and a white man. Then God connected a word I had spoken to the deacon when we first started praying over him. I saw a military medal of honor and then I saw four military medals coming from the North, East, South, and West converging on the deacon and I felt inspired to tell him that these medals represented grace and blessings being poured out on him from heaven. God showed me that those medals represented the prayers and blessings of these men looking down on their former brother in arms. Having affirmation, I stepped out in faith and told him that I saw these four men, telling their skin color, and proclaiming that they were smiling down on him, showering him with graces and blessings from heaven. As I was speaking, the deacon broke down and was very moved by what I said. We kept praying over him and he seemed to have more peace, though still struggling with self-forgiveness. After we finished, he hugged me and said, “You got it exactly right.” I was in awe at how God used me and was so thankful that I was able to bless the deacon through submission and listening to God’s voice. Praised to Jesus Christ!

Stepping out and getting practice throughout the quarter praying with people, I was better able to see and hear what God was asking me to speak into peoples lives and it has been a game changer! I am very excited for the rest of the Encounter School and the next two years learning to submit to God and the gifts of the Holy Spirit!

– Steven Heid
Cincinnati Campus