I Opened the Door to My Soul.

When you search the innermost depth of your soul, you look at the comfortable parts and I thought that I knew who I was and how I was in my relationship with Our Lord. This quarter allowed me to dig deeper and look at parts that I had hidden from myself because of the guilt or shame they have caused. It has allowed me to understand what caused the problems and to not be ashamed and to ask for forgiveness.
This course allowed me to change directions. It has allowed me to see how the Lord calls each one of us and how he wants to transform us. It gives us direction on how he wants to make us “new” by allowing us to see our true selves. When we can see ourselves and experience the transformation that Our Lord wants for each of us, our direction becomes clear. We see ourselves and others from a different perspective.

– Geno Jannette
Main Campus (Brighton)


Healing in Our Marriage

Healing in Our Marriage

I have had some very powerful experiences with the Holy Spirit healing my husband and me.  My husband had an addiction that was affecting our...

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