I did not want to be pushy, or labelled, or make people feel awkward

My greatest transformation was in the courage, boldness and Holy Spirit power I now feel within me, to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Prior to Encounter School of Ministry, even with being a Religious Sister, I felt hesitant at times to share Jesus. I did not want to be pushy, or labelled, or make people feel awkward, etc. All the reasons (excuses) given to me by my ego and the evil one to keep back the Good News. I now actually feel the Spirit’s power within me that has cast out that fear. I have been commanded, called and anointed for that very purpose…to share Jesus Christ and his saving LOVE with others. But it first begins with me. And by opening myself to this experience, Abba has deepened His life within me, bringing me healing, deeper peace, and further uncovering my true self.

I also know, through ESM, that this mission has come with the authority and resources to accomplish it. ( i.e. Matthew 28:18 & Luke 15:3) The Word of God spoken as well as the Word of God activated, through healings of body, mind and spirit, is what I now feel empowered and called to do! THIS is what God desires of us… how freeing, how awesome, how empowering. I have seen signs and wonders and miracles in this First Quarter – in myself and in others! Alleluia. It’s all true folks… it’s all true. “Come and See.”
(John1:39 and 46) Sister Kathleen Rooney, SSJ

– Kathleen Rooney, SSJ
Online Campus