I am Worthy

When I first came to the Encounter school I didn’t really know what to expect. I thought and hoped that I would be growing closer to the Holy Spirit, but I had no idea it would be as much as I did. One of the most powerful classes for me was when I learned about my inheritance as a son of God. I had known and believed that I was his son, but I didn’t know that he wanted to give me whole nations! For a long time I had a false mindset that because of my past sins God wouldn’t want to use me in poweful ways. Those lies were shattered one class when during an activation I recieved a vision from the Lord and he told me how much he loved me and wanted to use me to bring people to him through signs and wonders.
The class on declarations was also really powerful for me. I had been doing the homework to read my 10 declarations out loud every day for a week, but hadn’t really got much out of it. I believed the words but I wasn’t being transformed by them. One day I went into town with some of my fellow missionaries and we were praying with people. I saw a woman with a cast on her foot and approached her to ask if she would mind me praying with her. Before I was able to even ask if she wanted prayers she said,“Not interested,” and I was very discouraged. The devil started attacking me with a lot of lies and I knew they were lies, but I was still listening to them. When I got back home I was a little sad. Then I went into my room and started reading my declarations out loud. When I finished I immediately felt joy and peace. I was no longer discouraged, but encouraged by the truth the Lord had spoken to me that I was speaking over myself. These are just two of many examples of the amazing ways the Lord worked through my life during the first quarter of Encounter.

– Drew Labbe
Louisiana Campus