Holy Spirit is Alive in ME

After coming off quarter one, where I have learned of, and now feel grounded in my identity as a daughter of the True King, my heavenly Father, Papa!, I have now been embracing the Anointing of my Baptism… Priest, prophet, and king. In this second quarter on healing, I learned that within my Intimate relationship with the Divine (Father, Son, and H.S.), I am called to follow in Jesus’ footsteps, based on His commission to bring the kingdom of heaven here to earth! I must confess, I did not know that proclaiming the kingdom, evangelizing was always meant to be done with WORD and DEED! As a cradle Catholic, not aware of the True gift of God’s H.S., Alive within me, I was not aware of God’s active presence in this world today, let alone that God has been increasingly demonstrating His Presence by once again using healings/miracles to confirm in Faith, those He is calling back to Himself. This school has utilized a wealth of Scripture and church teaching also, such as St Thomas Aquinas who said that both the grace of the Word and grace of miracles are necessary to call people to faith, and to confirm them in true Faith! Words without deeds are dead works! This quarter has left me realizing how Alive God is, and how He truly wills our wholeness in mind, BODY, and spirit.

– Catherine Walters
Main Campus (Brighton)