Hearing God is the Doorway to God’s Manifest Presence and the Power of His Holy Spirit.

During the first quarter, I experienced a 100% focus/anointing/ability to stay in God’s presence in prophetic worship for ~15 nights in a row for 30 to 45 minutes after I went to bed. On two of the nights, God indicated that he was breaking different strongholds. The first was a form of base lust related to an evil spirit of lust. The second one was him indicating what my wife calls, “you think you’re always right”. God said he was in the process of removing it and that I should ask my wife to pray over me for the removal of it the next morning, which I did. My life has changed dramatically in that I am almost completely free of the two aforementioned strongholds or tendencies. It was also during the first quarter that God showed me that I could sit with him in fellowship during prophetic worship easily and fully in a way that I never had experienced before. During these times he would encourage me personally by indicating that he liked being with me too, or by giving me things to pray for then encouraging me as I boldly interceded for the people or organizations that the wanted me to pray for. It was like he was cheering me on with great enthusiasm to be a prayer warrior.

– Bob Bartholomay
Main Campus (Brighton)