God Speaks – Loudly- Are You Listening?

After listening to the Jim Baker (recording) ask about the biggest hindrance to healing, I went to daily mass (the next day) at a church I hit only monthly (it is near a chiropractor and I get 7 am appt so I can get to their mass). During Mass, the Lord told me “shoulders, arms, shoulders..” Re: a woman I was sitting behind. I thought of Jim’s chicken line and whether I was going to cross it? Just three weeks prior the man in the same seat at this church had upper arm troubles and I had approached him and he accepted prayer. Is this left over arm/shoulder memories from then? Would this woman think I’m crazy?. Well – the Lord set it up! For some reason after mass, she walked right past my row (the exit doors were the opposite way) and I asked her if she had any issues with her shoulders and then asked if I could pray for her. She looked surprised and said “yes, yes.” and went on to ask me how I knew about her shoulders. I suggested stepping into the cry room and invited a friend of mine (to pray with us) who knew her as well.

Determining a pain level in her right shoulder was not possible as she said she had to do a repeated motion (reach up) for 5 minutes to make the pain begin. She said that the pain had been going on for 9 and a half years. When I asked what happened 9 1/2 years ago she said she’d gone through a procedure and help it feel better and it continued bothering her. She blamed high school/college sports (golf/tennis) career and running track. She also attributed the pain to hanging chemo for many years (chemo nurse) and other nursing tasks had taken a toll on her and her shoulder in particular.
We began the prayer and as I stood behind her, I could feel her shoulders kind of flapping like a bird. I sat in front of her and mentioned this and asked her to gently flap her arms. She said she felt warm and relaxed and was crying almost the entire time. It seemed that God was at work so we continued. The second time I stood behind her to pray I saw people rowing. She had not mentioned rowing! TAKE A RISK, ANNE. I sat in front of her and told her what I saw. She continued to cry sharing that all 3 of her boys were on the crew team and that her husband was the president of the crew council. I shared that sometimes a lack of forgiveness can block physical healing and asked about any hurts that her boys or she or her husband had suffered related to rowing. No, but….”my best friend from the team (fellow Mom) 19-year-old son who was also a rower was killed in a MoPed accident 1 month ago.” She went on to share her helplessness in being able to help her friend through this trauma. We prayed for the boy’s soul and his family and the young man who was driving the vehicle that hit him. Although the accident report is in progress, she forgave the driver of the vehicle. The whole time together was one of grace and love. Thank you, Lord, for your grace and for providing boldness and wisdom.

– Anne Harman
Main Campus (Brighton)