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Experience the First 4 Quarters of the Encounter School of Ministry

The summer intensive is an evening school that provides a survey of the content offered in the first four quarters of the Encounter School of Ministry over a fast four-day* period. The summer intensive is perfect for anyone desiring to attend the Encounter School during the year but unable to do so because of distance or schedule. It is also ideal for those discerning their enrollment in the school of ministry but needing greater discernment.

*The Online Campus Summer Intensive offers the 4-quarter
survey over 4 weeks, rather than 4 days.

ESM Calendar

The calendar below reflects events happening at our Main Campus, Satellite Campuses and Online Campuses.

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View Events hosted by Encounter Ministries or visit your Satellite Campus homepage.

Encounter Ministries operates closely with the Encounter School of Ministry, and some events may overlap. Please check out our Encounter Ministries Calendar or learn more about other events. Some local events offered by satellite campuses may not be listed on this calendar, and we invite you to visit their homepage.

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Weekend Training Events:

Hosted by Encounter Ministries

For ESM Students
We provide exclusive opportunities for our students enrolled in the 2-year program as a way to help them grow in boldness, confidence and identity transformation. Our students also receive special admission to several events throughout the year, including the annual Encounter Conference

Power Evangelization

Throughout the year we invite students on optional door-to-door ministry and street evangelization. In every case, we provide special training before going out two-by-two and offer time for powerful testimonies following the mission.

Pre-School Worship

Every week before class we offer our students special intimate time preparing their hearts in praise and worship. We encourage students with musical talents to volunteer and participate in leading worship.

Inner Healing Teams

Upon applicant approval and training completion, our students are offered a unique opportunity to minister to those in need as part of our Inner Healing program.

Healing Service Prayer Teams

We invite our students to serve on prayer teams through various events throughout the year, exercising their gifts and growing in confidence in their abilities to serve in boldness.

Nights of Prophetic Ministry

Students have special opportunities to practice and exercise their prophetic gifts, growing in discernment and confidence in hearing God’s voice for others in their life.


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