Upcoming Events

Throughout the year, we encourage our students to participate in a variety of events which inspire, challenge and encourage them in their journey of spirit-led boldness required of living a supernatural lifestyle of faith.To stay informed about upcoming events, be sure to like + follow Encounter Ministries on Facebook.

Public Events led by Encounter Ministries 

While not directly a part of the Encounter School of Ministry, these fast-paced rich weekend conferences are led by Encounter Ministries and are hosted various times throughout the year, both at our main campus and at parishes around the world seeking to share the supernatural lifestyle of faith with their parishioners.

Encounter Conference

The flagship event for Encounter Ministries where we week to gather leaders of revival in the Church to encounter God’s refreshment and impartation of greater anointing for ministry. Upcoming March 2021: Florida Conference

Transformation Nights

Open to all! These powerful events of testimony, worship, healing, prophecy and prayer ministry are also livestreamed online and loaded to the Encounter Ministries Partner Page.

Healing Service

Jesus Christ is alive and He still heals through His Church! This will includes a time of worship and praise, proclamation of the Gospel and preaching, corporate prayer for healing ending with individual prayer teams for healing. 

Weekend Schools led by Encounter Ministries 

While not directly a part of the Encounter School of Ministry, these fast-paced conferences are led by the Encounter Ministries team and are hosted various times during the year, both at our main campus and at parishes around the world seeking to share the supernatural lifestyle of faith with their parishioners.

We encourage those not yet ready to join ESM to attend these mini-schools to activate gifts of the Holy Spirit in healing and prophecy through the renewal of the mind and identity transformation.

School of Healing

Ready to perform the works of Jesus and greater works than these? This school is designed to teach, impart and activate Catholics to be more effective ministers of Jesus’ healing in the world!  Jesus wants to use you as an instrument of his divine healing. Are you going to give him the chance?

School of Prophetic Ministry

We want you to be equipped to hear God’s voice. In this school you will learn the foundations to hearing God’s voice more clearly. Grounded in Catholic Church teaching, this school provides great acceleration in your ministry and walk away with years worth of tools and ideas for equipping in the prophetic gifts and building a prophetic culture in the church.

School of Identity

This two-day training is geared to renew your mind, increase your intimacy with the Father, and prepare you to minister out of your supernatural inheritance in Christ! Drawing from the rich tradition of Catholic teaching and Sacred Scripture, our dynamic teachers, transformative content, and uplifting culture will prepare you to walk with Jesus under an open heaven!

For ESM Students
We provide exclusive opportunities for our students enrolled in the 2-year program as a way to help them grow in boldness, confidence and identity transformation. Our students also receive special admission to several events throughout the year, including the annual Encounter Conference

International Mission Trips

Our students are offered a unique opportunity to participate in international mission trips. 

Power Evangelization

Throughout the year we invite students on optional door-to-door ministry and street evangelization. In every case, we provide special training before going out two-by-two and offer time for powerful testimonies following the mission.

Pre-School Worship

Every week before class we offer our students special intimate time preparing their hearts in praise and worship. We encourage students with musical talents to volunteer and participate in leading worship.

Inner Healing Teams

Upon applicant approval and training completion, our students are offered a unique opportunity to minister to those in need as part of our Inner Healing program.

Healing Service Prayer Teams

We invite our students to serve on prayer teams through various events throughout the year, exercising their gifts and growing in confidence in their abilities to serve in boldness.

Nights of Prophetic Ministry

Students have special opportunities to practice and exercise their prophetic gifts, growing in discernment and confidence in hearing God’s voice for others in their life.

Summer Intensive

The Summer Intensive is an evening school that provides a survey of the content offered in the first four quarters of the Encounter School of Ministry over a fast four-day period. This quick paced, jam-packed course has attendees from around the globe and is designed for those desiring to attend the 2-Year Encounter School but is unable to do so because of distance or schedule. It is also ideal for those discerning their enrollment in the school of ministry but needing greater discernment. Many of our current students received their call for the 2-year program at the Summer Intensive.

*See 2-Year Encounter School of Ministry for course content (above).


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