ESMO Summer Open House Session

Even as we begin to look ahead at starting classes in the Fall, we recognize that you may have questions about the school now, and we want to make sure you are fully supported heading into the school year. To help answer your questions, we will be offering a few optional “open house” Zoom sessions, during which we will address questions that have been pre-submitted using the registration link below. 

In order to ensure we make the best use of our time together, our open houses will be split into two different topics and we will offer two meeting times per topic. Registration will be required for the event. Please see below for details. 

Open House Dates: 

  • Topic: Student Handbook/Dashboard 
    • Option 1: July 19th at 7pm ET
    • Option 2: July 29th at 11am ET
  • Topic: Downloading/Using Zoom: 
    • Option 1: Tuesday, August 8th at 7pm ET
    • Option 2: Saturday, August 19th at 11am ET
ESMO Summer Session Open House Registration