Eligibility for certification is based on the honor system which is intentionally designed to do just that – build your honor. Therefore, we invite students to complete the following form to affirm their eligibility. Please do so by Monday, May 1st.

Once successfully submitted, you will see the message “Thank you so much for submitting your graduation honor form. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns” on your screen.

ESMO Graduation Eligibility and Honor Form [2023-2024]

Graduate Information

Physical Copies of Graduation Certificates will be mailed to students with mailing addresses in the United States. All students outside of the United States will be receiving a digital copy of the certificate. Please indicate below how your certificate should be sent.

Mailing Address for Certificate

ESMO Graduation Eligibility Honor Form

Which Ministry Project did you participate in? (Check all that Apply)
"I testify by submitting this form as a Year Two student, I am eligible for certification through the completion of the requirements listed below. I further attest to the passion and hunger to represent God the Father well by ministering out of my identity in Christ and pursuing a lifestyle reliant on the Holy Spirit! As an Encounter Ministry student, I am believing in the God-given dreams for my life and declare that what God begins in me, he will see it to completion!"