Eligibility for certification is based on the honor system which is intentionally designed to do just that – build your honor. Therefore, we invite students to complete the following form to affirm their eligibility. Please do so by Wednesday, May 1st.

Once successfully submitted, you will see the message “Thank you for submitting your Graduation Honor & Eligibility Form. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out.” on your screen.

ESM Graduation Eligibility and Honor Form 2023-2024]

Graduate Information

Mailing Address for Certificate

ESM Main Campus Graduation Ceremony RSVP

Due to space limitations, each student can bring up to 4 guests with them to the graduation ceremony. If you have a special circumstance requiring an exception to be considered, please contact Sarah Kaczmarek as soon as possible.
Will you be attending the graduation ceremony on May 20th onsite?

Graduation Statement

Summary: During an onsite graduation ceremony, we will be reading off a one sentence statement of what you plan to do after graduation to take what you have received at the Encounter School and release into the world around you in your next season of life. The formula will be “After graduation (name) plans to _________________.” This statement can be as general or specific as you like. Through this graduation statement, we hope to celebrate and encourage each graduate on the ways that they are seeking to demonstrate the love of God through the power of the Holy Spirit in your sphere of influence.


“After graduation, (name) plans to intentionally foster a deeper life in the Holy Spirit in (his/her) family and get help starting a prayer ministry team at (name of Church).”

“After graduation, (name) plans to join the Encounter inner healing and freedom ministry, continue to work with the healing services in my parish and seek out opportunities for power evangelization.”

“After graduation, (name) plans to bring greater transformation to his/her business by offering to lead a prayer group and Bible study along with a new commitment to help those coming out of addiction and into life in Christ.”

ESM Graduation Eligibility Honor Form

"I testify by my signature below that as a Year Two student, I am eligible for certification through the completion of the requirements listed below. I further attest to the passion and hunger I have to minister out of my identity in Christ, represent the Father well, and pursue a lifestyle totally reliant on the Holy Spirit! As an Encounter Ministry student, I am believing in the God-given dreams for my life and declare that what God begins in me, he will see it to completion!"