Encounter on the Streets

I took a “step in faith” when I agreed to go to the streets of Detroit for prayer ministry. I started the day with prayer to the Holy Spirit to guide me and to give me strength and courage. I wondered who I would encounter, knowing what I do about Detroit, and if I would have the confidence to speak about God.

Our group began with Mass in Detroit where I was able to pray again for the help I needed and then we paired up and hit the streets. I admit that I just listened to my partner as he approached the first person. John was seasoned at this and spoke beautifully to the “man on the street”. After the first encounter, we just let God lead us (literally as we looked up and saw a huge picture of a lion on the side of the building) and quickly two men, clearly alcoholics with the classic bottle in a paper bag, approached me looking for money. I used what we learned in class and offered to listen to them if I could first “ask them one question”. One of the men said yes while the other took a step back. I began to go over the “Jesus at the Door” tool we received and he listened. It was a beautiful and powerful moment. I became empowered. I prayed over him and he was receptive. That moment that God provided me gave me the courage to continue. John and I ministered to at least 7 people who all listened and accepted prayer that day! Who would have ever thought I would be on the streets of Detroit praying with people. Thank you Jesus for that powerful experience and for the confidence gained.

– Joan Otten
Main Campus (Brighton)