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Learn to Live a Supernatural Lifestyle

2-Year Program: 

Drawing from the richness of our Catholic heritage, we seek to teach, equip and activate disciples to demonstrate the love of God through the power of the Holy Spirit in their sphere of influence.


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Why a 2-Year Ministry School?

This short video gives an overview of the Encounter School of Ministry (ESM) explained by co-founders, Fr. Mathias Thelen and Patrick Reis, along with members of Encounter Ministries. Our Satellite Campus follows the curriculum, core values and classroom environment explained in this video, but is led by a local team who receive ongoing training and formation from the Encounter Ministries and Encounter School of Ministry leadership team.




Holy Trinity Catholic Church
200 Boundary Rd, Spruce Grove, AB T7X 3A5, Canada


The Edmonton Campus is a satellite school of the Encounter School of Ministry (ESM) founded by Fr. Mathias Thelen and Patrick Reis. Our leadership and instructors have been trained and equipped by ESM and receive ongoing formation through Encounter Ministries.

2024-2025 Class Schedule


General Info
All Classes Date/Time: MONDAYS from 5:30-9PM

Typical Class Night Schedule:
5:30   Praise & Worship, Testimonies
6:00 Small Group Time
6:30   Session 1
7:45   Break
8:00   Session 2
9:00   Dismissal



2-Year Curriculum

Classroom Environment

Each class includes a time of worship, testimony, teaching sessions, activations and small group time.

When do we meet?

Faithful Teaching

Before approval, our curriculum undergoes a rigorous academic curriculum review with a team of respected Catholic theologians, including  Dr. Mary Healy, Dr. Alan Schreck, Dr. Daniel Keating, Rev. Peter F. Ryan, S.J., and Dr. Robert Fastiggi.

Not only did they work to guarantee that the curriculum is free from moral and doctrinal error and rooted deeply in Scripture, official Church teaching and the testimony of the early Church fathers, but they helped to provide greater precision and accuracy in the curriculum to diminish possible confusion and ensure full continuity with Church teaching.

This campus has been reviewed and approved by the bishop of this diocese.



All satellite campus leaders and instructors are graduates of the Encounter School of Ministry and strive to live out the ESM Core Values.

William Smiley


Carla Smiley


Fr. Paul Moret

Pastoral Advisor

Tracey O’Neill

Andre Rivet

Alan Fester





Attend the Encounter School of Ministry

Cost of Tuition

The tuition for the upcoming school year is $200 USD per quarter or $750 USD if paid annually. Supplemental Reading Materials and potential Mission Trips are not included in tuition.

Bonus: Tuition includes 50% discount to the annual Encounter Conference (in-person or online ticket).

Classes for the Edmonton Campus begin Sept 16th, 2024:

Upon completion of the 2nd Year School of Ministry, students receive a graduation certificate.


Application Process
Tuition & Financial Aid
Enrollment Requirements
Graduation & Curriculum

Course Materials


Additional Reading

In total, textbooks for Year 1 will cost approximately $75 – $100 (not including shipping): Quarter 1: Supernatural Saints by Patrick Reis | Quarter 2: The Spiritual Gifts Handbook by Dr. Mary Healy & Dr. Randy Clark |  Quarter 3: Healing: Bringing the Gift of God’s Mercy to the World by Dr. Mary Healy  |  Quarter 4: Be Healed by Dr. Bob Schuchts |  Deliverance Ministry by the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services Doctrinal Commission, Dr. Mary Healy

Application Process
The application is free. Applications are accepted until halfway through Q1. You will receive submission confirmation as we begin our discernment process. You should be notified within two weeks.

Basic Requirements
– A min. of 18 years of age or High School graduate
– You do not need to be Catholic to apply


Edmonton Campus

Thank You to Archbishop Richard Smith

Jesus Is Healing His People in Edmonton

Lucas Case, Edmonton, AB | Functional Neurological Disorder

A week before attending the May 6th 2023, healing service in Spruce Grove, Alberta, Lucas was hospitalized and diagnosed with Functional Neuorlogical Disorder. He had lost the ability to walk on his own. With the support of his wife, Chera, Lucas was guided into the church. During Fr. Paul Moret’s teaching on healing, Lucas felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and felt God doing something to his body. Within an hour, he had regained full control of his legs and was able to walk around the church completely on his own. He came into the church crippled and left it praising Jesus!

Guy Labontee, Wetaskiwin, AB | Chronic Back Pain 

Guy Labonte had suffered from chronic back pain for 12 years. His pain had been so severe that he spent 50% of the day in bed. Being the father of 7 children, his pain negatively impacted his ability to spend time with his family and to engage in simple activies like playing sports or having family meals together. He was not even able to lift up his two year old child.
On April 1st 2023, he and his family attended an Encounter Ministry Healing Service in Spruce Grove, Alberta. Although he was not healed immediately at the service, he went to bed that night and felt Jesus wrap him in a “warm blanket”. In the morning Guy jumped out of bed with no pain for the first time in years. He felt the presence and excitement of the Holy Spirit and proceeded to lift up his 13 year old son with ease and no pain.
Guy and Michela Labonte gave this testimony on May 6th 2023 saying that they were skeptical coming to the last healing service but wanted to let everyone know what God had done for their family!


Barbara Bayton, Spruce Grove, AB: Kidney Stones 

Barbara Baynton was diagnosed with two large kidney stones after experiencing sharp pain. She had some pain relief after several people prayed over her at the Holy Trinity healing service. A few days later, the change was even more remarkable. 

“My doctor called and asked me ‘How’s the pain?” I said ‘Gone.’ ‘‘Did you have any excruciating pain and bleeding?’ my doctor asked. Obviously my doctor assumed that I had physically passed the kidney stones. I said no. No, not at all. I hadn’t passed anything,” Barbara recalled. 

“Well my CT scan showed that my kidney stones are gone. And I never passed them. They were just gone. So I firmly believe in this miracle – praise the Lord!” 


Myles Barter, Sherwood Park, Ab: Celebral Palsy 

On June 30th 2023, Myles Barter attended Encounter Ministries healing service at Lac Sainte Anne, AB. He had been struggling with cerebral palsy for 22 years which affected his mobility and ability to participate in physical activities. During the healing service, a group of Catholics prayed over him and he felt an extreme heat on his thigh and was overwhelmed with a sense of the Holy Spirit. He tested out his legs and started running and jumping and doing things he had previously been unable to do. Glory to God!

Theology FAQ

Is it licit for lay people to lay hands on the sick?

What if I "lost" my healing?

Are "charisms" part of an optional spirituality?

Do you need the "gift" of healing or prophecy to minister in these gifts?

Did Jesus really reject signs and wonders?


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