Director Login

Login Steps

  1. Enter your username or email
  2. Enter your password 
  3. Click the “login” button
  4. A 6 digit temporary confirmation code will be sent to your email.  Copy that code into the “Confirmation Code” field and press the “Continue” button.  This code is only active for one hour.  Each time you enter your login information, a new code will be sent to your email.  Please use the most recent code.
  5. Your student dashboard should appear.

Having trouble?

  1. The confirmation code may take a few minutes to appear in your email inbox.  If it is not received in your inbox, please check your Spam, Trash, Promotions, Social or Junk folders.  If you still cannot find it, search your email for “Verification Code”.
  2. If you’ve forgotten your password, or do not receive the confirmation code, or for any other login assistance, reach out to our Administrative Assistant, Nicko Suerte at
  3. When emailing Nicko, please explain any error message you may be receiving, or exactly what is happening when you try to log in.  This will help us to help you more efficiently.  Thanks!