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Meet your director Mark Gargulinski

Originally from Sterling, Massachusetts, Mark Gargulinski is passionate about young people growing in a deeper understanding of the Christian faith. He has served in the Catholic Church in various roles, including leading events and prayer meetings and serving in leadership at the Mother of God Community. Mark initiated bringing Damian Stayne to the US, coordinating many of his events to equip dioceses in growing the charisms. Mark enjoys time with his family, playing golf, and walking his dog, Bailey. Mark and his wife, Lea, have three children and two grandchildren, and they live in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Encounter DC TeamMember Jessica Montgomery

Born in Paris, France to an American father and a French mother, Jessica Montgomery moved to the US at the age of 17 to pursue studies in foreign service. After further studies in South America and West Africa, she surrendered her life to God at age 20 while attending a retreat at the Chemin Neuf Community in France. Since then, Jessica has taught Bible studies, led Life in the Spirit seminars, and helped many people experience freedom in Christ. She earned a master’s degree in pastoral studies and now works as an editor with The Word Among Us. Jessica and her husband, Scott, enjoy life with their four children, one dog, three cats, and ten chickens in Myersville, Maryland.

Encounter DC Team Member John Roeder

John Roeder works for The Word Among Us and has been involved in ministry for thirty years, teaching marriage preparation, Life in the Spirit seminars, Alpha, and Catholic Bible studies. His greatest desire is for people to grow into a deep personal relationship with Jesus and to know that God is with them! John’s favorite scripture is Matthew 6:33: “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” John is married to Betsy, and together they have raised five children and a devoted schnoodle. John loves competitive pick-up basketball and outdoor biking, and will happily talk sports and Jesus with you—in that order if you prefer!

Encounter DC Team Member Betsy Roeder

Betsy Roeder has been in ministry for 30 years, serving in marriage preparation, music ministry, Alpha leadership, Life in the Spirit seminars, and Bible studies. She has also been blessed to connect pastors and parishes to The Word Among Us in her role as parish liaison. Her greatest desire is for people to see themselves the way that God sees them—fully known and fully loved. She loves to sing in harmony and has been known to spontaneously burst into song in both public and private settings! Betsy is married to John, and together they have five children, including identical twins.

Encounter DC Team Member Kathy Troxell

When she was a young adult, Kathy Troxell unexpectedly discovered that Jesus is alive and is still active today. Since this experience, she still wakes up each day excited to discover what’s next on the journey. One of Kathy’s greatest desires is for people to find their own life of joy and hope. She has been privileged to serve the poor in her local community and in other countries, forming enriching relationships with people of varying backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities. As a full-time business owner, Kathy’s goal is to serve in love and make time for what’s important. She and her husband, Danny, live in Frederick, Maryland. Together they have five children and two granddaughters.

Encounter DC Team Member Theresa Leyva

Theresa Leyva is a music teacher, choral conductor, and singer who has been involved in music ministry for many years. She sings with Heart of Mercy Worship, a group that provides music for healing Masses and retreats. She is also on the leadership team for Walking with Purpose women’s Bible studies at Our Lady of Mercy Parish in Potomac and coordinates the Summer Series there. Theresa’s first love is seeing people touched by God’s love. Her personal hobbies include writing, cooking, photography, and enjoying the beauty of the national parks. Theresa is married to Andre, and together they have six grown children and five grandchildren.

Encounter DC Team Member Andre Leyva

Dr. Fernando Andre Leyva is a Psychologist who loves Jesus Christ and who wants others to experience a life-changing encounter with Him.

Encounter DC Team Member Tom Singer

Tom Singer is currently the Coordinator of the Mother of God Community. One of his greatest passions is to proclaim the lordship of Jesus Christ and to help others encounter the inexhaustible love of our heavenly Lord.

Encounter DC Team Member Flora Dayberry

Originally from Canada, Flora Alevras-Dayberry began her apostolate as a catechist and youth minister. She has earned a certificate in pastoral counseling, and has worked with many individuals in anti-abuse advocacy. Her greatest desire is for people to know and love God, to win salvation, to experience freedom, to attain wholeness, to grow in sanctity, and to realize the abundant life in full. As a Third Order Benedictine of the Divine Will, Flora also facilitates advanced deliverance ministry.

This diocese has reviewed and welcomed the Encounter School of Ministry.

The Encounter School of Ministry is open to Christians of all backgrounds—disciples who believe God calls them to demonstrate His supernatural love in their daily lives. Our curriculum and content is rooted in Catholic Tradition and faithful to Catholic teaching.

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DC Campus Summer Intensive 2021

Summer Intensive: July 19-22, 2021

The Summer Intensive Conference is an evening school that provides a survey of the content offered in the first four quarters of the Encounter School of Ministry over a fast four day period. This quick-paced, jam-packed course has attendees from around the globe and is designed for those desiring to attend the 2-Year Encounter School but who are unable to do so because of distance or schedule. Many of our current students received their call for the 2-year program at the Summer Intensive.

The Summer Intensive is a great opportunity to get to experience the presence and power of the Holy Spirit and become more deeply rooted in your identity as a son or daughter of God. I highly recommend the Summer Intensive at the Encounter Satellite Campus at Mother of God Community this summer.

  • Through Encounter Ministries I’ve been awakened to deeper faith in the Lord’s desire to “work with us” to confirm the gospel with signs and wonders (Mark 16:20).
  • I’ve become more aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit throughout the day, and his gifts have been more fully activated in my life
  • I’ve grown in receiving prophetic words and words of knowledge for healing.

I encourage all to please come and receive great instruction.”

Dr. Mary HealyDr Mary Healy
Professor of Scripture
Sacred Heart Seminary
Detroit Michigan


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