Technical Support

Here you will find information to help you through the registration process and to understand the basic dashboard navigation. Click on the tabs below for information on the registration process and navigating the student dashboards.

NOTE: our DC campus can support you in limited ways. For most support issues (tuition, payment, passwords, etc.) are supported by the Encounter School headquarters. Please go to: where you will find support on a wide variety of topics.

Student Dashboards

Each student will gain access to a student dashboard. You can access it from the DC Campus website (the blue login button at the top right of the page) or directly from From the dashboard, you can find the schedule for your course, access to your tuition portal, links to the Student Support Center, the ability to post prayer requests, and you will find resources from each class (student handouts, slides of the talks, and the video of the talk) which is very helpful, especially if you missed the class. Videos take time to edit, and so may be posted in increments (one video posted the day after the class and the second posted by the following day). All resources for a given class will be posted by Thursday evening (2 days after the class) if not sooner. Below is a short tutorial of the dashboard to help you know what’s available and how to navigate it.

Application & Tuition Info

For those registering for Year One:

If you have guests or friends who would like to register for the School, please let them know that the application deadline is Monday, October 10 (this date may change from year to year, check with the team at the start of each year for the application deadline).  After that, no applications will be accepted.  Once the application period closes, the registration for the year will be finalized and lanyards will be printed and mailed to us.

Tuition payment – once an application is received, it needs to be accepted by Brighton. This could take up to three weeks.  If you applied and have not yet heard back from Brighton, please check your spam folder.  It will likely come from one of the staff at Encounter Ministries. If you can, please “whitelist” the domains “” and “” to avoid emails from the school being treated as spam.

Once the acceptance letter arrives, students have 15 days to pay the invoice.  All of the payment information is included in the letter. Students can pay quarterly or get a discount for paying in full. Tuition payments are due on the first day of the Quarter.  Obviously, if you are still awaiting your acceptance letter, this date does not apply.

For students who have already been accepted and have not yet paid, Brighton sends out payment reminders – please do not ignore these notices. Brighton has approximately 3,000 students now and they are doing their best to manage the finances. At some point, if payment is not received, they will drop students from the roster. So, if you are having problems in this area, please let us know so that we can assist you.  

In the event that a student is dropped and cannot access the student dashboard, they will be able to fill out a Student Reactivation Request Form. This form can also be found on the Student Support Center. Once their invoice is paid, they will be given access to their dashboard once again.

Students will also receive an invitation to join the ESM tuition portal where they can view invoices, history and make secure payments. After accepting the tuition portal invitation, their tuition info can be accessed at:

All tuition must be paid online via credit or debit card. Cash or checks are not accepted.

Application Video Tutorial (Year 1)

Below is a “walk-through” to help those applying for Year 1 of the Encounter School of Ministry.

To apply for Year 1, please go to:

Trouble Logging In?

We do not have access to student’s passwords, so we cannot reset it for you. Any issues you have with logging in to the student dashboard needs to be resolved by Encounter Ministries. Please open a ticket at their Student Support Portal.


There are some things you should do before contacting Encounter Ministries about this problem.

  1. If you haven’t received your welcome email with your login credentials from Encounter Ministries, please check your spam/junk folder. It may take a few weeks for them to send it, but it’s possible it’s sitting in your spam folder. Please whitelist if you can whitelist a domain to prevent emails from Encounter Ministries from ending up in your spam folder.
  2. If you have your login credentials but the dashboard won’t accept them:
    • Consider whether you’ve changed your password. It’s a good practice to write down your latest password to help you remember it, especially in our age where we end out with passwords for many different accounts.
    • Are you typing your username correctly?
    • Consider whether some of the characters are uppercase and if that is how you are entering them.
    • Browsers can save your password, depending on your settings.  If your browser shows dots in the password field, it is likely that it has saved your password. In this case, you don’t have to enter it again (which can lead to typos since you cannot see what you’re typing). Just accept what it put there (even though it appears as dots). If you are able to login using the password saved in the browser, and you don’t recall what the password is, you can likely find that out in your browser’s preferences under a setting like “Privacy & Security.”
    • However, it’s always possible that the password a browser saved is an older password if you recently changed it. This is the likely case if you are not able to login.
  3. If you cannot recall your new password, you can try to reset it. Note – if it sends you an email, make sure you check your spam folder for that email.
  4. If all else fails, you’ll need to open up a ticket at the Student Support Portal.

Contact Us

Please contact Don James with any technical issues you are facing with the DC Encounter Campus website using the contact form below. If you have issues with registration or tuition, please contact Encounter Ministries at their Student Support Portal. Since we do not have access to login credentials, password issues also need to be resolved by Encounter Ministries.

If you’ve had a problem that was resolved by Encounter Ministries, please let us know so that we can be aware of any problems students are having and what was done to fix it. Thank you!

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