Quarter 7: Power Evangelization 
Up until this point, all of the content that has been presented to the students can happen inside the four walls of the Church. In this quarter students will learn practical ways to effectively preach and present the Gospel to those in need of His salvation and grow in faith to demonstrate the reality of the kingdom through the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Students will learn that evangelization accompanied by demonstrations of the power of God are part of our heritage going back to the early Church (1 Cor 2:3-5). Students will learn that the Church ultimately exists to evangelize and will be exposed to the rich tradition of teaching on evangelization we have as Catholics. They will learn how to present the basic Gospel message and the response that is necessary to the Gospel. Students will learn the power of testimony to opening someone up to faith in Jesus and how to effectively share their testimony. They will discover the keys to growing in faith and boldness to evangelize and practical ways to incorporate the prophetic gifts and healing for Evangelization.

Class Example:

Student Testimonies
from Quarter 5:

Exclusive Opportunites for our ESM Students:

Power Evangelization

We provide unique opportunites throughout the year for our students to step out in boldness and minister to those around them. This includes oportunities for:

  • Street evangelization
  • Serving on prayer teams during Healing Services
  • Nights of Prophetic Ministry and more

Worship Ministry

We encourage our students with musical gifts to volunteer and serve with our pre-school Praise and Worship ministry.

Inner Healing Ministry

Our students have opportunites to serve in God’s mission to set captives free through the Inner Healing Ministry, which includes specialized training and experiences.


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