Quarter 2 Overview
Jesus taught us that He is the good shepherd and we are his sheep and that we hear his voice (Jn 10:4). In the first part of this quarter, students will understand that their ability to hear God’s voice comes from who they are in God and not what they do for Him. Students will spend time learning the “language of the Holy Spirit” who speaks to us through us and the discernment needed to identify his voice from either our own or the enemy’s. After growing in greater understanding and confidence to hear God’s voice for their own life, students will learn what it means to share in Christ’s prophetic office (Lumen Gentium 12) and to seek out and discover the prophetic gifts of the Holy Spirit for ministry. As the Scripture teaches that we are to “earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, above all that we would prophesy” (1 Cor 14:1), our students come to understand that the prophetic gifts of the Holy Spirit are simply a matter of hearing God’s voice for the world around us that would have the effect of building up, encouraging and consoling others in Christ (1 Cor 14:3). In this quarter, students will have many creative opportunities for prophetic ministry with one another and opportunities for honest feedback and growth rooted in love


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Student Testimonies
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Exclusive Opportunites for our ESM Students:

Power Evangelization

We provide unique opportunites throughout the year for our students to step out in boldness and minister to those around them. This includes oportunities for:

  • Street evangelization
  • Serving on prayer teams during Healing Services
  • Nights of Prophetic Ministry and more

Worship Ministry

We encourage our students with musical gifts to volunteer and serve with our pre-school Praise and Worship ministry.

Inner Healing Ministry

Our students have opportunites to serve in God’s mission to set captives free through the Inner Healing Ministry, which includes specialized training and experiences.


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